Top Ways on How to Make Video Clearer

Juliet D'cruz

Top Ways on How to Make Video Clearer

Blurriness occurs when certain areas of a video are out of focus and hence hardly discernible. For instance, when filming without the correct equipment, blurriness might happen due to unexpected and quick motions. If you want to learn how to make a video less blurry, this article is for you.

What Makes Your Videos Blurry?

A video can get blurred in various ways, as shown below.

Due to Limited Disc Space

In certain cases, video playing may be distorted if your computer’s storage capacity is overburdened. A hard disc might become overloaded with a large number of stored data and applications that have been installed. Such overloading may potentially degrade the overall performance of your computer. Therefore, when you play videos, you will notice that they are a little grainy.

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The Integrity of the File

If your video encoding is bad, you may also see blurriness in your video. It’s crucial to remember that videos must be properly digitized in addition to having the appropriate codec support, appropriate software, and sufficient disc space available. Incorrect digitization techniques might cause blurriness in your movies.

Codec Support

After a video has been prepared and compressed into a file, it is given a codec to play with. In most cases, if you see fuzzy video in a media player, even if the file is in a valid format, it is most likely because your computer does not support that file.

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Compatibility with Software

When you’re viewing a video, you notice that the detail isn’t very good. In this case, it’s conceivable that the version of your media player is incompatible with the video’s compression strategy. The video file must be compatible with the required format to be used. To prevent movies from being blurry or damaged, media players must be updated with the latest software versions.

Common ways to Fix Blurry Videos

Do you want to know how to make a video clear? Here are some of the methods you may use to improve a shaky video.

Enable High-Definition Viewing

Check to see that your camera’s default resolution settings are not lower than they should be. Set the resolution to a higher value to improve the video quality.

Make Certain That the Lens Is Free Of Debris

The most apparent yet true-to-life suggestion is to maintain strict cleanliness standards, even while using cameras. To eliminate blurriness, use a specialized wet wipe to clean your lens before each use.

Attempt To Photograph In Well-Lit Environments

If there is a lot of light or darkness, it results in poor color balance and hazy areas in the video. Before creating content, it is important to ensure that you’re in a well-lit environment.

Make Sure the Focus Is Correct

Calibrate your lens and check that the autofocus works as you want it to before using it. Direct the camera to the items or persons you want to capture and wait a few seconds for it to be ready — you will be able to tell when it is ready by the clarity of the picture, which will be free of ambiguous aspects.

Make Use of Extra Tools and Resources

Lenses for landscape photography improve the overall quality of your movie; tripods prevent shaky recordings, and decent illumination makes the calibration process easier. Because of this technology, your clips will need less post-production editing.

Ensure That the Lens Is Clean

The most apparent yet true-to-life suggestion is to maintain strict cleanliness standards at all times, even while using cameras. To eliminate blurriness, use a specialized wet wipe to clean your lens before each use.

How to Fix Blurry Videos with Recoverit

Recoverit can help you fix blurry videos of different sorts. Here are the steps on how to go about it.

Step #1: After starting the Recoverit video repair, choose the Video Repair module and load the blurry videos on the interface.

Step #2: Select the “Repair” button and click on it. Wait for a while as the program repairs the loaded videos.

Step #3: After the procedure is done, you may preview the video and determine if the program can restore it. If you are not pleased, click on the “Advanced Video Repair” tool.

Step #4: The program will prompt you to load a sample video (of the same format and captured on the same device as the blurry video). The application will take the sample video as a baseline to provide clearer videos.


Inadequate disc space, file integrity, codec support, and programme compatibility are just a few of the factors that might cause a video to become blurry. It’s vital to eliminate blurriness and increase video quality. 

No one likes to watch or be in a blurry video, and knowing how to make videos clear is essential for everyone. Recoverit, data recovery software, can help you make your video clear.