Method to make money on the most popular TikTok 2021

Juliet D'cruz

Method to make money on the most popular TikTok 2021

If there is one platform that makes a celebrity the fastest, it is definitely TikTok. With such a rapid growth rate, we need to remind ourselves to live better with the people around us because we don’t know when one day our acquaintances will become a million-view idol.

TikTok idols can become famous very easily but not everyone can earn an income from that popularity. There are some people who make good use of their popularity and make a lot of money, but there are people who struggle because they have no income to continue to grow their TikTok channel.

If you are a TikTok idol and want to find a way to earn extra income for yourself, then immediately read this article. I am sure it will help you a lot.

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The system of possible ways to make money

  • Booking Advertising/PR

This is the most commonly used form of monetization. To receive bookings, TikTokers need to develop themselves into a real idol with a good image to attract fans. After that, if the image of idols is suitable for the brand orientation, we will contact booking. The weakness of this model is that idols are completely passive. There is a million-viewed TikTok idol who confided that their channel has millions of Followers, but no one has yet to book ads. Some idols who can become millions of views by not being good or positive enough will also be less interested by brands.

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There are a few idols, after being famous on TikTok, are also famous on other platforms. They take cross-platform bookings and create content across and in parallel across those platforms. However, having to go back to the same content many times makes it difficult in terms of time and effort.

Therefore, after being famous on TikTok, they can use TikTok downloader tools that help to download TikTok videos without watermark, may be mentioned as: Tikmate, SnapSave, SnapTik, …

Platforms like Instagram often don’t like TikTok’s watermark, so remove the watermark in the video before posting.

From there, idols can make money cross-platform, setting specific prices for posts to earn huge income.

  • Receive donations

Recently on TikTok, a new feature has appeared that is a livestream with gifts (purchased with money) like Bigo. Therefore, this can be a fertile ground for idols. However, idols need to livestream regularly and interact and connect with fans to build a good relationship. From there, getting donations from fans will become easier and more frequent.

  • Affiliate

Affiliates are the growing trend of this year. Unlike model 1, idols are actively contacted by brands and provided products for PR. 

In this method, idols can directly contact and experience products of brands or shops on e-commerce platforms such as Shopee/Lazada/Sendo and then attach the product link in bio. 

After that, the idols will be paid by the platform for affiliate marketing on each order successfully referred by the idol. That is also the reason why review channels are now rampant, lacking in highlights.

The disadvantage of this model is that idols have to spend their own money to buy items for review. If the amount of money Affiliate earns is greater than the money to buy the item, it is a profit, otherwise, it is a loss. 

That’s why Review channel owners often choose popular and low-value goods. 


The above are the 3 most popular forms of money on TikTok today. If you are a TikTok idol or have a desire to build a TikTok channel in the future, reading this article will help you visualize a bit about TikTok. 

Wish you soon success to build your TikTok channel.