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Elevator shoes Instantly increase your height

One of the more common fashion accessories out there for the more height-challenged among us is elevator shoes. But, fun fact, elevator shoes aren’t just for people looking to add a little bit of verticality to their appearance. In fact, they have a variety of uses from a slimming effect to correcting imbalances in limb length. We love GuidoMaggi elevator shoes, not just because they help boost your confidence, but also because they are stylish, on-trend, and can often help the wearer avoid expensive alterations. We’ve come up with a list of benefits of elevator shoes that we think will help you make a purchasing decision with regard to this very common (and popular) fashion item. 

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Boosts Height

The most obvious benefit of elevator shoes is that they boost the wearer’s height and sometimes by a significant amount. Modern elevator shoes often incorporate the lift into the shoe’s design in an elegant and unobtrusive way thus most people can’t distinguish them from regular shoes. This concealed lift is what gives the wearer the extra boost up they need and most people can’t even distinguish it from the rest of the shoe’s body. 

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Increases Confidence

Studies have shown that an increase in height correlates with heightened levels of confidence in oneself and one’s appearance. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes will never boost a person’s height to ridiculous levels and, because of this subtle effect, looks natural and imparts a kind of ease of movement that makes everything flow together. 

Slimming Effect

Another benefit of boosting one’s height is that an increased height can impart a slimming silhouette to the rest of the body. This makes perfect sense as you increase the vertical height of someone, naturally, they will appear thinner even though they have not lost weight. This is why 250 lbs. looks different on an individual that is 5’8” as opposed to 6’5”. 

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Avoid Expensive Alterations 

One of the biggest challenges some people face with irregular height face is that they cannot get clothes (especially pants) that fit correctly; this is particularly true when it comes to length. Elevator shoes can help you avoid expensive alterations and allow for off-the-rack solutions when it comes to professional wear and others. 

Correct Imbalances

Some people are born with one leg longer than the other. Though often by an imperceptible amount, it is enough to make standard sizing an issue. This problem can be corrected with elevator shoes that help even out the height imbalance and are often a much cheaper option than expensive surgeries or alterations. This can often be a question of comfort, too, as having one limb longer than the other can make certain daily tasks slightly more difficult. In many ways, this is elevated by wearing elevator shoes.  

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Assists Posture

The effect that elevator shoes have on the wearer is to make them stand taller thus improving their posture and height at the same time. Most people would be amazed to learn how much they can improve their appearance through better posture. Often this is because good posture is associated with confidence in oneself and one’s appearance. As we outlined above, increased height often improves one’s confidence thus, when combined with the add-on effect of better posture, we can quickly see how elevator shoes have a doubling effect on bolstering an individual’s perception and confidence.