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Top 10 plagiarism checkers for students to check the originality of the content

Nowadays, with the development of digital tools, it has become so easy to make your files plagiarism-free and ensure their originality.  

This is significant because any content that you check for plagiarism without using any tool will take a lot of time especially if you are running a blog or a website. 

Here is the list of the best tools to write plagiarism-free and original content.

  1.  Prepostseo.com

Prepostseo is considered one of the best and most trusted online plagiarism scanners. The tool is user-friendly and gives considerable value to the user’s content. 


  • Free to use 
  • Provide security to your content 
  • Completely safe to use. Without the owner’s consent, the file inserted into it can never be stored or exchanged with a third party.
  • It has an ample database with links to thousands of online references and scholarly materials for scanning the inserted text. 
  • You can copy or paste the file into the tool, or upload it in a variety of formats such as doc, Docx, txt, and pdf.
  • The report produced is extremely comprehensive and accurate. 

The copied text is illuminated and reported in different colors. The percentage of resemblance indicates that the material is close to some online source. 

It is one of the most trustworthy and successful online platforms for checking plagiarism.

  1. Check-plagiarism.com

Check- plagiarism is an outstanding tool for online plagiarism detection. This tool enables its users to specifically scan text files over millions of online resources immediately.


  • Checks 15,000 words per word for free 
  • 100% Secure and its reports are deleted instantly 
  • Supports multiple documents file formats 
  • Duplicated content is highlighted in red color 
  • Plugin for WordPress is available 

These all features make this tool the most efficient and reliable tool for eliminating plagiarism.

  1. Quetext.com

The Quetext is one of the very quick and effective plagiarism checkers for ensuring the originality of the content. 

It will search and analyze almost every kind of plagiarism and provide similar content in results. The content that it finds similar to particular online sources, it illustrates all those references in its results that can then easily be rewritten. 


  • Supports 1000-word limit for completely
  • Fast and accurate results 
  • Safe and secure
  • The unique algorithm provides a very reliable report after completing thousands of online scans.

These all features make this tool one of the best online resources to eliminate plagiarism.

  1. Editpad.org

Editpad also offers a free plagiarism scanner tool for teachers, learners, and content writers for free of cost. It allows you to check your files anytime you want.


  • Free to use for 1000 words pre-search 
  • Give results in percentage 
  • Using advanced algorithm 
  • The report can be downloaded
  • Support doc, Docx, pdf, and txt files

The tool searches the contents intensively and does not ask you for updating or sign-up or log-in options. 

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  1. Copyleaks.com

Copyleaks utilizes advanced AI algorithms for scanning your files for plagiarism. This means that, with Copyleaks, you can not only detect plagiarism in your written content unintentionally (or the essay of students) but can also combat copyright piracy by showing you where your content is present online.

Its educational version allows you to review and check up to 100 theses, essays, and research papers simultaneously which saves a lot of time for professors.


  • Plagiarism can be detected in any language as it supports over 100 languages
  • Works great for researchers
  • Support vast internal database for identifying copied text 
  • Provides plagiarism detector for two fields; education and enterprises
  • Analyze your text through billions of online resources
  • Shows accurate results in no time


This plagiarism checker only allows 2500 words per month and ask you to pay for the premium version for checking plagiarism more frequently. 

  1. Softo.org

The Softo online plagiarism checker is a simple online tool that is widely used for scanning files for plagiarism. It verifies plagiarism in your files in seconds and make your content unique and original. 


  • Use advanced plagiarism techniques and algorithms 
  • Generate accurate reports 
  • Give results in seconds 
  • Highlight paraphrased content 
  • Downloading is not required
  • Completely safe to use 
  • Support doc, txt, pdf, and Docx files 
  • 1000 words per search can be checked  

The best thing about the tool is that it can detect every type of plagiarism, e.g., deliberate plagiarism, unintended plagiarism, paraphrased content, etc. 

Because it is freely accessible online, a paid edition is also available if anyone wishes to get some additional features.

  1. Copyscape.com

Without considering Copyscape into the list, you can’t talk about the great free plagiarism checker. It has been developed for bloggers and website owners and is one of the common plagiarism detectors among them.

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  • Before giving it a try, you can see on its website that Copyscape has a free version and a professional ‘premium quest’ version.
  • The Copyscape team places a strong focus on combating plagiarism by using the advanced algorithm in its database.
  • Perform effective analysis of the content on the Web. 
  • When it detects the content that has been stolen, the tool will then e-mail a warning to you.
  • Provide accurate results 


The free version of Copyscape is basically unlike other plagiarism checkers. It scans an actual website URL for copied content on the internet, rather than searching unfinished work for possible plagiarism.

That ensures that the tool is not intended to catch unintended plagiarism for users concerned. 

  1. PlagScan.com

PlagScan allows you to evaluate content from almost all online services and resources such as academics, freely accessible and secured web pages, scientific research papers, and tons of web content. 


  • Scans 2000 words in the free edition.
  • Premium version offers inclusive plagiarism identification services without downloading and getting registered by the customer. 
  • Also support multiple file format
  • The reports it generates are very efficient and can be modified based on content. 
  • Highlight copied content to facilitating the detection of plagiarism.


It does not allow to upload file without logging in and signup.

  1. Researchprospect.com

It is one of the most innovative plagiarism checkers currently available on the online market. This scanner recognizes plagiarized material and provides you with original content. 


  • The Research Prospect is developed to examine all scholarly articles to detect plagiarism in the article.
  • The great thing about this app is its sensitivity, usability, and reporting simplicity. 
  • The tool generates a clearly understood report that allows the reader to get a fair picture of the origin of plagiarism.
  • It uses an AI-based algorithm to recognize important references and point out copied (source) material in the paper and identify errors in the citation. 
  • To minimize and erase plagiarism from your essays, articles, and journals, you should use the Report’s suggestions.

Its drawback is, it does not allow to use the tool without logging in and sign up. 

  1. Unicheck.com

Unicheck also offers a free tool for plagiarism detection. 


  • It searches more than 40 Million sources, online and other non-publicly accessible private content.
  • Generate comprehensive report 
  • Highlight plagiarized lines 
  • Simple to use 
  • Required login details

It gives younger students an outstanding option to write their homework and to guarantee they have nothing copied.

Professors and university students may also use it to validate academic papers and other important papers, such as a thesis.


The plagiarism scanner is a comparatively simple tool, but it is heavily responsible for determining whether academic works, website contents and other text forms are original or not. 

Therefore, it is important to test your actual capabilities in advance to select the best plagiarism tool.

Above we have mentioned some top-rated plagiarism checkers that offers handsome features and helps in eliminating plagiarism in your text files.