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A complete pro guide about facial hair removal

Facial hair removal is something that many women and men are interested in but have difficulty finding the answers to their questions. Our guide to facial hair removal will answer all your burning questions. This article has it all covered, from what type of product you need to which method is best for you!

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Should facial hair be removed?

Facial hair is commonly a big problem especially for women. Because hair is a natural protection for the skin, hair can prevent moisture from reaching your face. This will lead to dryness or even acne breakouts. Many times people who have an oily complexion also suffer from blackheads around their nose and chin because of this issue with facial hair blocking pores.

Many women choose to shave or remove their facial hair to avoid these side effects and to look more feminine. In many cultures, it’s considered inappropriate for women to have facial hair, demonstrating just how important appearance is when tackling this problem! 

However, there are other reasons besides looking good that some woman might want to consider getting rid of their unwanted hair from face. You can also find useful information on this topic at Vibrant Salon & Spa blog. 

Facial hair removal or bleaching?

Some women prefer bleaching and don’t want to remove the hair entirely, while others find it itchy and uncomfortable. Some women also prefer bleaching because it’s less time-consuming than shaving.

Various methods can achieve bleaching: using lemon juice, papaya, or even turmeric powder mixed with baking soda is an effective way to lighten up your facial hair in just weeks! However, you should consult a beautician before trying any home remedies on yourself. You may need more treatments if the area has been heavily affected by hormones from pregnancy or other conditions such as thyroid problems.

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The most popular bleaching products are creams containing acids that break down melanin and make pigment cells produce lighter shades of pigments over time without damaging the skin, unlike bleach kits that want to remove facial hair.

What facial hair removal method is more ideal?

There are a lot of methods to remove facial hair like shaving, tweezing, waxing or even more advanced are laser hair removal treatment for facial hair.


Shaving is the most popular and effective facial hair removal method. It removes hair in a close, short cut with minimal pain or irritation to the skin, and it’s relatively simple to do at home – use an electric shaver designed for this purpose.


A razor can also be used on the face, but shaving against hair growth is more complex than other areas of the body, so trimming first may help make things easier when you want that clean-shaven look.


Waxing takes longer because less hair is removed each time, but it leaves your skin smooth for weeks without any stubble and provides long-lasting results between waxes, which means fewer sessions needed over time. If done correctly, there will not be any redness or unpleasant after-effects from waxing.

Laser facial hair removal

Laser facial hair removal is the most permanent and painless way to remove hair from your face. But it is an expensive treatment, and you need more than one session to permanently get rid of the hair. But a complete treatment, you don’t need to shave or wax your facial hair after every month, and you will have smooth and hair-free skin for up to 12 months or more.