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Wiki Writers for Hire: Where to Find Them Online?

Everyone can contribute to Wikipedia, which is classed as the ‘Free Encyclopedia.’ in fact, anyone can actually edit or bold a piece of writing on Wiki or create a new piece for Wiki. Those who write articles on Wiki come from all over the world and each of these writers has something new to offer and love to be able to help create new content on Wiki. Those who write for wiki are classed as Wikipedians or if we are being more formal ‘editors for Wiki. Usually, writers who write on Wiki are volunteers. If you’re looking for a professional essay writer for hire for Wiki then we will provide you with a guide on how to find the perfect advanced writer online as well as more information related to Wiki writers.  

Who contributes to Wiki?

A study has revealed that since 2008, 84% of Wikipedia writers who were English were male. Worldwide, 91% of Wiki writers were also male.  20% of Wiki’s writers live in the United States, 12% in Germany, 7% in Russia. India has 3%, the only country that is not in North America or Europe. 59% of the writers on Wiki are aged 17 -40.  

The contributions to Wiki come from a wide ethnographic and demographic: (the information below has been taken from Wiki)

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  • Mid-20s males and retired males are the largest demographics.
  • 10–20% women of various ages, significant underrepresentation acknowledged by 
  • Students (e.g., in the context of a course)
  • Enthusiasts (e.g., people with interest in a particular subject, like butterflies)
  • Insiders (e.g., people who work for an organization, such as the Sierra Club)
  • Dabblers (e.g., people who see some problem with an article and want to help)
  • Scholars (e.g., researchers who want to use Wikipedia as an additional dissemination platform)
  • Archivists (e.g., people who work or volunteer at a museum, archive, or library wanting to contribute artifacts, like 18th-century paintings)
  • Marketers (e.g., individuals, staff, members, or a PR firm seeking to promote a product, service, or brand)
  • Evil-doers (e.g., spammers, vandals)

Where to find writers for Wiki online

If you’re looking to hire Wiki writers but not sure where to start then we are here to help. Below is a list of the best websites you could use to help your find and hire the Wiki writer for you:

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  • LinkedIn ProFinder. With over 50,000 highly skilled writers you are sure to find an experienced writer, blogger, editor, or copywriter. You can browse through the best freelancers and take a look at their reviews based on previous clients’ experiences. All you need to do to get started is to describe the editing or writing project you have in mind, and then you will be able to start connecting with those freelance editors or writers who suit your project. 
  • Contently. Digiday ranked Contently in 2015 as the ‘ best content marketing platform.’If you’re looking for more than one writer for your Wiki project then this is the place to head. Contently has a pool of over 55,000 freelance journalists and writers. However, expect to pay for the services on Contently as you will have access to their top freelancers, as well as account managers. So if you’re looking for budget writers and editors, this wouldn’t be the place to start.
  • Scripted. Scripted also has a large pool of writers and only the top 2% are accepted and able to work on the platform. Scripted have account managers and editors that look over your content. You are able to set up phone calls with your chosen editor or writer, negotiate the prices, and look through their marketplace of editors and writers and send messages in real-time. Long-form content is guaranteed to be delivered within 5 days and content can be rejected or accepted before paying for it. Scripted is a great choice for a business of any size that needs to hire freelance editors and writers. Recently they updated their pricing model and now charge a flat rate to access their platform, as opposed to taking a fee per transaction.
  • ProBlogger Job Board. The team at ProBlogger has produced over 8000 articles that help bloggers and writers to improve their skills and find better clients. These days, ProBlogger has become one of the best online places to head if you’re looking for freelance editors or writers quickly. Businesses of different sizes use ProBlogger to post their freelance editing and writing needs in the hope of connecting with the best in the field. 
  • FreelanceWriting.com. A free to advertise job site, for over 20 years this site has been providing job opportunities to freelance writers of all abilities. You can find some of the best talents when it comes to editing and writing if you’re happy to spend time looking through their pool of freelancers. It is also possible to sign up for their newsletter which provides you with daily job updates that come straight into your inbox each day. 
  • Upwork. With over 12 million members, Upwork is the world’s largest freelance marketplace. There are hundreds and thousands of writers on Upwork, all of the various abilities. If you do decide to hire on Upwork make sure you take some time out to browse through a freelancer’s past work samples, read any reviews that they have been given, and suggest that the freelancer you have in mind provides you with an outline of the content that they plan to create for you.
  • Freelancer. Another large freelance marketplace, you can post your project at no cost to yourself, and you’ll soon see the bids come in from prospective freelance writers or editors interested in your job opportunity. Freelancer has an internal system that is used to link you with the best editors or writers to suit your job post. You can see a proposal that the freelancer creates and this provides you with some idea of what they think is the best way to complete your project.