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How to Choose the Right Business Analytics Course

Business analyst certifications are still in their initial stage of development. However, several organisations already offer training and certifications for every business analyst course out there to validate business analytic skills. 

A business analyst helps businesses to get the maximum benefit out of their data by analysing trends, insights, problem areas and patterns that would otherwise go undetected. The skills of a successful analyst include working with data, an aptitude for understanding business interactions and the communication skills to share this information with those outside the IT domain.

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Business analysts are among the most highly paid professionals in the IT sector. Data from PayScale shows that business analysts earn $40,000-100,000 per annum. Even an entry-level professional can earn up to $68,000 a year after completing their training.

Difference Between Business Analyst and Business Analytics:

  • In the IT sector, Business Analysts are generally responsible for coordination between clients and the technical and development teams. They also assess business requirements and help carry out actions that meet business goals and client needs. Sometimes, a Business Analyst also manages technical projects with internal and external stakeholders, coordinating to design and implement different tasks. This role has very little to do with data.

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  • On the other hand, a Business Analyst in the analytics field works with data from different fields like marketing, sales and finance. They also use competitor data to find insights, patterns and usage behaviour via data mining, predictive analytics and MIS reporting. Statistical analysis, as well as ML models, are used to achieve this.

Before choosing a career path, make sure you know what you are applying for and where your interest lies. Once you’re sure it’s a business analytics career you want, here are 5 highly valued business analytics courses you can do online.

  • CAP – Certified Analytics Professional
    CAP is a training and certification course accepted by all platforms and vendors. It tests and validates your ability to derive insights from data sets that can guide strategic business decisions. As a prerequisite for the Certified Analytics Professional credential, you must have a postgraduate degree in any related field along with five years of work experience. Optionally, you could have a graduate degree in any related field and seven years of work experience.
  • ECBA – IIBA Entry Certificate in Business Analysis
    This is the entry-level certification offered by the IIBA. The Entry Certificate in Business Analysis has been designed for freshers in the industry and lesser-experienced business analysts. As a prerequisite, you must have a minimum of 21 hours worth of training credits earned over the past four years to qualify for the certification exam. This certification doesn’t need to be renewed, but candidates eventually get higher certification levels over time.

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  • CCBA – IIBA Certification of Competency in Business Analysis

This is the second level of the IIBA certification path. It is made up of 130 multiple-choice questions that require analytical thinking and are based on workplace scenarios. The questions cover fundamentals, core competencies, basic concepts and techniques and the 6 knowledge areas covered in BABOK. The CCBA certification demands you meet one of the following criteria: 

  • 3,750 hours of work in business analytics in the past 7 years, which is in line with IIBA’s BABOK (Business Analysis Books of Knowledge).
  • 900 hours of work in two knowledge areas within BABOK out of six
  • 500 hours of work in four knowledge areas within BABOK out of six


  • CBAP – IIBA Certified Business Analysis Professional
    This certification has been designed for professionals with extensive experience in business analytics and is the third Business Analyst certification level. The eligibility for this exam is 
  • 7,500 hours worth of business analytics experience over the last ten years
  • 900 hours worth of work experience in four of six knowledge areas within BABOK
  • A minimum of 35 hours of professional development over the past four years


  • CBDA – IIBA Certification in Business Data Analytics
    The IIBA CBDA certification is one of the new levels introduced that recognises a candidate’s ability to carry out analysis-related tasks effectively to support business initiatives. To clear this exam, you must examine a real business problem, pick data sources, know how to procure and analyse data, and be capable of interpreting and reporting results. You will also need to demonstrate how the results will influence decision-making within the business and guide strategies at an organisational level.

Business Analytics is a multi-faceted career. It is dynamic and gives you the chance to keep learning something new every day, uncover facts and predict trends by looking at data. If you have an eye for patterns and are good at deriving insights, this career is for you. If you are looking to make an impact every day and wish to contribute to the growth and success of your organisation every day, enroll in a Business Analyst course online today. Go ahead, your career upgrade is ready.