What Makes Online Proctored Exams So Popular Nowadays?

Juliet D'cruz

What Makes Online Proctored Exams So Popular Nowadays?

Thanks to the advancement of technology, it is now possible to do anything that enhances living and comfort. Online education and exams is the notable example of successful technology use. During the pandemic period, the student can learn and attend exams from home. Remote proctoring and online education continue taking students’ exams and ensure the excellent education usually goes. 

Would you like to prevent and put off cheating on online examinations? Are you looking for an excellent technique to shield academic integrity? Well, an online proctored exam is your solution! It refers to remote proctoring that helps to monitor students attending the online examination at home with software. Now, many education centers are implementing the proctored exam to stop cheating. 

In addition, it can support the candidate to finish their exam smoothly. If you are interested in the proctoring examination, you can read this post until the end to learn more about remote proctoring. 

Different kinds of remote proctoring

Online proctoring supervises every candidate through screen tracking, webcams, and Mics. So, it has been impossible to cheat during the online examination. There are different kinds of remote proctoring. Let’s check out the popular types:

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  • Recorded proctoring 

Humans do not involve invigilation in this proctoring method. As an alternative, they record video, screen, and audio in real-time. The moderator views the recorded video layer as an indication of unfair activities. It needs human involvement for monitoring after the exam, but it reduces the need for scheduling.

  • Live online proctoring 

In this method, invigilators supervise sixteen to thirty-two students in real-time from video, screen, and audio. They are well-trained to check the identity of students and consider any unwanted activities. Besides, live online proctoring is similar to offline proctoring. 

  • AI-based proctoring

One of the advanced methods of proctoring is automated proctoring. It eliminates the need for human involvement. AI-based proctoring can supervise candidates through eye-tracking, object tracking, face recognition, and spot unfair activities. In addition, this method limits the student from switching to other web browsers or tabs, disabling copy-paste, and others.  

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Outstanding features of online proctored testing  

One of the important reasons for using online proctored testing is to catch candidates cheating. Therefore, it is a valuable resource for both the tutor and students for its fair testing background. In addition, it offers excellent support to complete the online examination if any problems happen. Besides, online proctored testing has video monitoring, exam reporting, voice detection, audio monitoring, browser lockdown software, and other features. Take a quick look at interesting proctored testing features! 

  • Smartphone detection 

The cell phone detection feature of proctored exam identifies if the person tries to use the Smartphone or other gadgets during the examination. Moreover, this feature can record the screen to give evidence of the unwarranted activity.

  • Live Pop-ins 

Besides, the live pop-in feature combines with the live online or automated proctoring. Artificial intelligence observes candidates for fraudulence and awakes the removed live proctor to connect their proctored test in real-time to identify the problem.

  • Online paper-based assessment proctoring

It enables the tutor to customize the assessment setting without trouble and include notes for the remote proctors. So, it permits access to some items such as books, calculators, and others to finish the examination. In addition, the exam proctor has specific instructions in the online paper-based assessment proctoring. So they don’t disrupt the candidate during the test. 

  • Smart audio detection 

In addition, online proctored testing has an intelligent voice detection feature. Advanced artificial intelligence goes beyond the typical audio detection by listening for specific phrases. 

With the best software, one can monitor online academic test activities like demonstrations, presentations, etc. When using the proctored testing solution, you can stay away from the scheduling headaches. It enables the candidate to schedule their exam time as per their convenience.  

Reason for using digital valuation system 

The digital evaluation makes the testing process hassle-free and convenient. Implementing the digital valuation system makes evaluation of the answer sheet, gives results effectively and reduces the risk of errors. One of the oldest digital assessment systems is the OMR sheet. But today, modern technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence are in practice. 

In recent times, many education centers around the country have followed this system to have the fantastic experience of examination valuation. This system understands the handwriting of candidates and appraises them properly. 

Recent reports show that more than eighty percent of students prefer digital technology to increase their grades. Let’s see why to use a digital valuation system in the education sector:

  • Such a system provides maximum security to the student information. It is not possible to hack and access the student’s personal information. Furthermore, every script is scanned securely and encrypted to boost protection. 
  • A digital assessment system is simple to use with fundamental computer skills. It eliminates human involvement in exam evaluation. The tricky process of multiple marking and dealing with the valuation procedure becomes easy for its digitization. 
  • There is a risk of human error in the manual exam valuation while many papers are evaluated. But this system eliminates the errors because essays are considered automatically with modern technology. Therefore, the candidate can get accurate marks in all examinations.
  • Accurate implementation can eliminate the administrative load, answer scripts storage, and transportation costs. It helps to boost the accuracy and assessment proves transparency, allowing the tutor to make a script from anywhere around the world. So, the digital system can eliminate the cost of managing the physical evaluation center. 
  • The Digital system promises to boost the capacity of the physical evaluation method. They can evaluate lots of answer sheets in a short time and provide results quickly.  


Proctoring plays a vital role in the examination. The remote proctor monitors the online exam to ensure unfair practices do not occur. It is easy to invigilate in the physical exam, but students take the exam from their home without a teacher in the online exam. So, you can use online proctoring to stay away from tension and ensure the exam is valid. 

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