Juliet D'cruz

Ways of Handling Stubborn Kids & Preparing Them for Preschool

Kids have so many characters in them. They are so innocent that often parents ignore their mischief and ignore them in laughter but gradually this remittal turns them into a stubborn child who keep on repeating this act of compelling his/her parents and family members of the family kneel down in front of their demands doesn’t matter those demands are age appropriate or not. ERP in schools play a major role here too. ERP in schools instructs the tutors to suggest the parents need to respect the child and his/her feelings instead of telling everyone that their child is stubborn and they are fed up with him. At a point a child notices that instead of his/her so many mischiefs parents are supporting him/her and loving him/her then being compelled by their love child surrenders. There are several methods to deal with stubborn kids, let’s have a glance at those tricks. If a couple wants their child to listen to them then they will also have to listen to him. It doesn’t matter if the kid is talking sense or absolutely nonsense. It is so because sometimes a stubborn child is not really a stubborn child but maybe he or she is just a very irritated one.  When a stubborn child is up to something and tries to create chaos in the home then parents need to stay calm and try to connect themselves with the child. For example, if the child is rebelling against a comic book, then sit beside him and show interest that you also want to read that comic. This will make the child listen to the parents.

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Instead of giving direct orders to the kids, give the students a lot of options or two or three options and make those options so interesting that the child gets into a dilemma and becomes unable to deny the orders or tasks given by you to the child. Here being an compelled child will opt for any one option and will study surely. Often it happens that when parents have a bad day and meanwhile their stubborn child starts his or her tantrums then either they yell at the child badly or they beat him/her black and blue or give him/her a very tight slap on cheeks. We often don’t take it seriously but psychologists say that this hitting doesn’t only make an impact on a child’s body but also on the consciousness of the child. So, parents need to stay calm in such situations although it is nearly impossible but after sometime it makes the child cool down. Here in the school atmosphere also ERP for schools is needed to induce such good ideas for students. And due to regulation of such good ideas School ERP for schools are like a boon to students as well as tutors.

With such stubborn nature, making little kids ready for preschool becomes a little tough for parents. In order to make children comfortable with their preschool it is essential to make rehearsals with kids so that kids attending the preschool then should not feel strange at all. Parents can do some artistic things with kids, by making them draw numbers on canvas and count the mangoes they drew on canvas. This training session may include tying the shoelaces, taking the lunch by himself/herself, informing the tutor if he or she feels for the bathroom or toilet, counting and keeping the belongings at the time to leave preschool. A kid going to preschool has nothing in the name of experience, hence, they will have a lot of questions like what is this place? What is the reason I am here? Etc. & it becomes a parent’s duty to reply to those questions in order to make kids comfortable with preschool atmosphere. Parents need to console their kids and make them understand that preschools will provide them with fun and a lot of peers will be there to play with them. 

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Tutors of preschool usually take proper training about child psychology and teaching methods for such little aged kids still if parents have any doubts, then they are welcome to share all the facts they are asked about and parents get solutions and answers to all their dilemmas and queries regarding teaching-learning methods in the preschool. It is so because parents provide vital information about the kids which makes the process of making learning patterns easy and funny also for the kids which makes them participate in the activities enthusiastically. One more very common scenario is that sometimes kids become very sad leaving their parents at home for preschool and being emotional some parents reach their preschool to meet them. If such situations come anytime then parents need not to attend to their kids and let them face such tough situations too. For this they need to prepare their child to go to bed early and make him/her early to rise.