Top 6 Reasons to Study in Australia

Juliet D'cruz

Top 6 Reasons to Study in Australia

So you are going to university and considering studying abroad? In determining the next path, there are many things to consider than just choosing a major. With today’s significant number of international students, Australia has always been a popular destination for studyIng abroad, along with the UK and America -made even more attractive by the relatively simple visa process.

With only need for confirmation of registration, proof of financial stability and mastery of the English language before the visa is issued, this ease of transition is very attractive to many applicants. Other benefits include attracting students with a friendly and relaxed Australian demeanor, a high standard of living and outstanding educational outcomes.

However, there are many other reasons beyond this that make Australia a top destination for studying. There’re the reasons.

  1. Australian lifestyle

Australia has always been an attractive destination for international students, mainly due to its famous beach lifestyle and always sunny climate. Coupled with beautiful scenery, diverse fauna, and extensive sightseeing opportunities, it’s commonplace. With the high livability value of every city in Australia, you can be sure of education, robust healthcare and reliable infrastructure, along with public transport links, excellent social stability and diverse cultural backgrounds.

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From rainforests to coral reefs, from cities to countryside, this country has a bit of variety – including energetic people who are receptive and incredibly passionate about all things Australia-related. Australia has consistently provided an outstanding quality of life and climate to match. Australia is the perfect environment to live in and fully enjoy your studies.

  1. Worldwide Recognized

Australia has one of the best education systems in the world. After returning to your home country holding an Australian diploma, it is an excellent pathway to further career success. While ranking is an important yardstick in considering your choice of University, it should not be a factor alone in making your final decision. Some universities may score high overall in the world rankings, but they are not necessarily the best choice for your specific major.

Members of the Group of 8 Australian Universities are all ranked in the world’s top 150 universities (2023), with Autralian National University ranking in the 30th for Law. Likewise in other countries, there are elite colleges that are weighted by reputation alone, for example the Russell Group in England, and the American Ivy League. Find out which university is the best in your chosen major, taking into account other factors related to student life, such as lifestyle and affordability.

  1. Department Structure

Australia offers a wide variety of institutions and education courses so it’s easy to find the one that suits you best. Then, it is relatively easy to change the institution if it turns out that the first choice is not suitable. With a reputation for innovation and advancement that is renowned worldwide, Australia has top-notch research, teaching and training facilities with a lasting commitment to providing quality education.

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Your major is designed to support your chosen field from the start. Outside Australia, it is common to practice majors that start to spread from various fields. So you have to study many other areas before focusing on your choice, as opposed to just starting to study one chosen field. So if you are determined and eager to start in your chosen field, Australia is the right choice.

  1. Value Calculation

It’s good to understand how your performance is measured before being tied to a University, as you may find certain systems are better suited to the way you study. Australian universities typically use a broader way of measuring performance by combining individual test results throughout the semester, with regular examination periods. Students are required to manage their workload independently, supported by lectures and smaller group teaching.

This system allows critical thinking to thrive in a supportive environment, along with opportunities to evaluate understanding. In American colleges, most coursework assignments contribute to final grades, along with traditional test scores calculations. In the UK, on the other hand, the final result depends more on the final exam or essay than on the coursework.

  1. Cost

Of course, there are financial considerations that need to be taken into account as a foreign student, for example, higher tuition fees as well as regular living expenses while living elsewhere. Living in a big city can be expensive, but if you can stick to a budget and are prepared to make informed decisions, wherever you decide to study, it could be a viable option.

Overall, studying in Australia is cheaper when compared to universities in the UK or USA, and plus there is the possibility of scholarships being available to reduce costs. To find out the potential costs of being an overseas student in Australia, click here.

  1. Work Permit

For students who wish to supplement their income with work, the International student visa allows for 20 hours of work per week during school periods, and continues to be 40 hours during holidays. This is a great way to reduce the cost of living, explore life situations or gain work experience relevant to your field of study.