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Subject Line Writing for Email Marketers

Email marketing always proves crucial in any marketing strategy, especially in the contemporary world where competition for a specific market proves cut-throat.  As demonstrated on ThesisHelpers, how you execute your strategy regarding email marketing determines your marketing campaign’s success. You cannot simply send regular emails and expect your efforts to become successful. But instead, you have to dedicate your attention and effort to details. One such key detail entails your subject line that can always break or make your strategy. 

About 35% of individuals receiving emails consider opening their emails by the email’s subject line. It implies that you can perfect your email contents for hours but fail to get them opened and their contents read in the absence of effective topic lines. It, therefore, becomes crucial to consider the tips below in writing an effective and perfect topic line that will leave every email recipient itching to open your email.  The Guidelines will also be useful for a direct mail company.

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Guidelines for Writing a Perfect Email Marketing’s Subject Line

  • Prioritize your reader. It becomes crucial to consider and put your reader into focus to succeed in your email marketing efforts. Everyone can pretend and position themselves as modest though the truth often entails a preference for having themselves the center or the subject of focus. Here, you can go about it by having an effective yet simple subject line to grab your users’ attention. For instance, you can have an excellent subject line such as “save yourself 20% by checking this sale” instead of “today begins our 20% sale.” However, remember to make your email marketing efforts about your users.

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  • Use the earnestness card. It becomes crucial to add an urgency element, or a limited availability will evoke fear of getting left out. Therefore, marketers have to provoke the feeling of urgency in their targeted audiences to ensure that they act on the offer immediately. The fear of having yourself missing out or getting left out can create instant actions devoid of rational thinking to avoid missing out on an excellent offer.  Therefore, as an astute digital marketer, try and consider this technique in the subject line.
  • Incorporate a personalized touch. Marketing always emphasizes personalized content as it responds fine in whatever form it gets presented. In a similar sense, you have to subject lines to personalization. Statistics demonstrate the effectiveness of including the recipient’s initial name in the email’s subject line regarding high click-through rates. When you adopt such a strategy, it becomes easy to get the email’s recipient onside, especially when you consider the volume of emails they receive every day.  An email with a subject containing their name will grab their attention within the sea of standard emails. Additionally, having your email subscribers segmented can assist you in your efforts personalizing the subject lines. For instance, sending an offer about a lady’s clothing collection will not make sense to masculine users. 

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  • Make it short and straightforward. Currently, plenty of individuals access emails on their phones, which often implies that their attention gets drawn to short or brief subject lines. The subconscious always triggers a signal that correlates a concise and short subject line to direct and short email content. Therefore, you will find yourself gravitating towards such an email first.   Additionally, overdoing your subject line can prove a grave email marketing error that you can make.
  • Keep your subject line closely related to the contents of your email. It can become a disaster to have your email and the subject communicating different things, so try and align them as much as you can to make your subject line effective. It will provide you more click-through rates.
  • Remember all the important dates. It becomes crucial to develop a strong link with the audience if you want loyalty and start using your emails as reminders of the wonderful days. Therefore, send your customers emails on birthdays and holidays, and remember to use a subject line that contains their initial name. 
  • Ask a specific question. Questions always represent an excellent way of drawing in your readers. So incorporate a question in your subject line to pique their curiosity into reading more.


Crafting an excellent subject line can become an arduous task. However, it becomes easier when you understand its importance and consider the guidelines provided here.