Pavan Hari Wiki, Age, Height, Phone Number, Lover, Family

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Pavan Hari Wiki, Age, Height, Phone Number, Lover, Family

Pavan Hari Wiki: This is the age of digital trends, Social Media has really proven to be the home for many talented people in this country and one among them is Pavan hari. He is an Indian Social Media influencer and social media star who has got immense popularity in Tik Tok, Instagram and other social media sites just by lip-syncing the videos. He has got 2.163Million Followers on Tik Tok and he is considered as one of the top most and Popular Tik Tokers in India. Pavan hari has also collaborated with several commercials and ads as well. He was born on 6th Of January 2001. Pavan hari is from Hyderabad, Telangana. As of now, Pavan is 20 years of age.

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Pavan Hari Biography

Pavan Hari has come into the limelight after his Tik Tok Videos went viral online on Social Media. Pavan Hari is considered one of the top most social media influencers of all time. Pavan Hari loves cooking, and he does hit the gym all the time. His hobbies are reading, Photography, learning, Internet and Surfing.

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Once a news went viral that the young Tik TOK comedian Pavan Hari has been rumored to be dead. A Video created by AA creation was uploaded on the video and with the caption that Pavan Hari Death news. This video has went viral online and many people started sharing it online. But later it was concluded as fake news, The young Tik Tok Fame is still alive happily. But many of them didn’t see Pavan hari on social media actively. May be he is still playing the stunt to woo his fans. So this is all about Pavan Hari, The social media influencers details. We don’t any info regarding his personal information like who are his parents and where did he study and all. 

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