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PDFBear: The Most Sought-After PDF Converter Tool in 2021

The advancements in technology paved the way for the creation of numerous file formats. Each of which has an important role to play in your life. For instance, you use MS Word to create text-heavy requirements. It is superior in this aspect because it will allow you to edit the document without any limit. There are also shapes, charts, and graphs that you can use to present information visually. However, sharing it with other people online would be difficult. That’s where the role of PDF comes in. It is the format recommended when you want someone else to view the content of your file. It will not change the formatting of the document. Hence, the receiver can easily read the content. 

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You might now consider transforming your Word documents into PDF because of its promising feature of PDF. How can you do it? Well, here is PDFBear to guide you throughout the process of conversion. 

How to turn your Word document to PDF using PDFBear?

The converter tool of PDFBear has growing popularity brought by online learning and work-from-home setup. A lot of people commend it for converting documents quickly without compromising the document’s quality. Besides that, it has a simple and straightforward process to turn your Word to PDF.

To start the process of conversion, you first needo get your device and connect it to a stable internet. Use your most trusted browser to search for the web page of PDFBear. Once the website appears on your screen, you have to find the Word to PDF option and click it. It will then redirect you to the converter tool. Follow the steps below to complete the conversion process in no time.

Step 1. Upload the document from your device

There are two ways of uploading the Word document you wish to convert. The first option is to make use of the select files button. Once you click it, it will allow you to get the document from your local storage, google drive, or dropbox. It works best if you will use a smartphone to access the tool. The second option is more convenient if you are using a laptop. You only have to drag and drop the document on the toolbox.

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Step 2. The PDF converter will scan the Word document

The PDF converter will scan your document. Make sure that the file you uploaded is in Word format. It will not proceed to the conversion process once it recognizes that the type of document is different. This converter tool is solely for Word documents to PDF. 

Step 3. Wait for the conversion process to finish

You will not spend an entire day before the process ends. The converter tool is fast and reliable that it can produce the new version of the file within minutes. So if you are cramming a requirement, know that you can beat the deadline using this tool. 

Step 4. Download the converted PDF

Get a copy of the converted document by downloading it on your device. You may also choose to place it on your google drive if your gadget does not have enough storage space. 

What makes PDFBear the most-sought after converter tool?

PDFBear is unlike any other converter tool. It has more features than any free PDF to EPUB converter and pleases users with a straightforward interface. It has unique characteristics making it excel in its field. Continue reading to know the reasons why most people prefer using it over other tools online.

  • Easy to use

The interface of the website is simple which allows new users to easily explore and use the converter tool. You can locate within a minute where the tools are because they are all placed in one corner. The website also provides a step-by-step procedure when using any of its services. In this way, you will not spend much time figuring out how they work.

  • Highly accurate

You certainly don’t have to doubt the website when it comes to accuracy. It delivers its services in such a way that meets the highest standards of users. When converting Word to PDF, expect that the new version will look the same as the original. It is because the website is capable of preserving the tables, columns, paragraphs, and font style of a Word file.

  • Encrypted connection

Since the website has an encrypted connection, your uploaded files are in good hands. Knowing this would assure you that any information contained in your document is free from hackers, viruses, and malware. It implements a security measure wherein its server will automatically delete all uploaded files after 60 minutes. 

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In a Nutshell

Managing digital documents is not easy if you don’t equip yourself with a reliable online tool, such as PDFBear. using it will make you convert your documents in just a blink of an eye. Aside from that,  it also offers better and longer-lasting solutions for all your PDF-related problems. If you need to convert documents as fast as possible, just grab your phone and visit its website to get the job done!