Mistakes To Avoid While Selling Online Courses

Juliet D'cruz

Mistakes To Avoid While Selling Online Courses

Today online courses are like Pandora’s box of knowledge and skills for students, and for teachers and course creators now is the great time to create their online courses and start selling them. It’s not only a great way to spread your reach of knowledge to more students but online course selling can be a great source of side income for you. Many of you even have thought about it already and some even have their grand scheme of creating and selling courses prepared too. But wait, before you dive deep into this whole process of online course selling, we would like to highlight some of the mistakes that people tend to make while selling their online courses. 

We will discuss them and will tell you how you can avoid these mistakes so that you can take your course sales up and the chances of any kind of failure go down. So keep reading.

Creating Wrong Content: Let us inform you first, here wrong doesn’t just mean creating off-the-topic content. There is so much that can go wrong with course creation, that’s why having a solid content creation plan is crucial. First of all, you have to narrow down the topics that you want to add to your course because you don’t want to leave any important topic but at the same time, you don’t want to overshare too. Stick to the content plan you have created; you can alter it here and there, but don’t wander from your central topic. Know who your audience is, and what they want from your course, then create the course as a solution to their problem.

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No Clear Pricing Strategy: You have poured your blood and sweat into creating a course, doing hours of research, assembling, and brainstorming content ideas and what not; so when it comes to getting the return for that hard work don’t get hesitant. Many people make the mistake of under-pricing their courses, thinking that it might not work or learners wouldn’t buy such high-priced courses. Let us enlighten this if your content is unique and is genuinely solving learners’ problems, then they will buy your course without worrying about the expense. Create a pricing strategy, do the market research on what your competitors are offering, and how you can have an edge over them. You can give benefits like seasonal discounts and early-birds discounts but remember you never price your course under production cost.

Not Communicating Potential Customers: You spread words about your course, and there are a few people you had conversations with and who showed interest, but you forget to take their email or contact info. Now what? How would you contact these people before launch? This shows your lack of communication skills, which can cost you sales. It’s crucial to communicate with potential customers; make an email list before the course launch so that at the time of the course sale you can inform those people about your course launch. You can even provide the early bird discount to the customers who signed up during the pre-sale. Doing so will increase your conversion rates. 

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Poor Marketing Strategy: Your course content is amazing, you think your course is going to rock. But all this will only be possible if your course reaches the right audience. Marketing strategy is important to show your course to the right audience and the number of people. To do this, you need to create marketing content too, ads for social media promotion, email marketing templates, and also do verbal promotion. And if you are a teacher then you can ask your students and colleagues too. Don’t shy away from promoting your course. But don’t promote blindly too, use analytics, SEO strategy and demographics to collect data on your potential customer’s location, age, needs etc. Then, do the promotion, as we said your course needs to reach the right audience. 

Technical Issues: Customers’ Online buying experience should be smooth for the buyers, to make it happen check for technical issues like backend, page load time, and payment processing time. Your course selling website should work without any glitches, then only your conversion rates will be high.