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Is it my responsibility if someone gets hurt while I host a party?

So you’re preparing to host. You want to ensure everyone has a nice time and keeps safe, whether planning a birthday party or just hosting pals for a movie night. However, what occurs if someone is hurt while at a party on your property?

What happens if you are wounded at someone else’s event? You may host safer get-togethers by being aware of California’s rules regarding premises liability. Be aware of what to do if you get hurt at a party. If you’re held liable for the injuries, consult a seasoned Los Angeles premises liability attorney for your best course of action.

What California Statutes Regulate Social Host Liability?

The “duty of care” that homeowners owe to those who are on their land is commonly accepted. Consequently, they are required to use “due care” to prevent injury to guests or visitors while they are on the property.

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Furthermore, trespassers, licensees, and invitees are all subject to the duty of care, which is significant. In light of this, you might wish to patch up the pit you recently excavated if the kids who regularly cross the yard to get to school could trip in it. A landowner might not be responsible for harm caused to a trespasser; nevertheless, if they constitute a threat, like during a burglary.

In the event that hosts breach their duty of care, they may be held responsible for the harm to guests.

How Much Will I Be Responsible For If Someone Gets Hurt At My Party?

Comparative negligence is used in California to determine the number of damages that should be awarded to an injured party in a premises liability lawsuit. According to comparative negligence, the amount of compensation an injured party can get is based on how much fault they share.

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As an illustration, suppose the partygoer slips and falls on the sidewalk outdoors while intoxicated. After that, the visitor sues you for personal injury. Given that the visitor wasn’t hurt on your property, their chances of winning compensation are quite limited.

Suppose a sober visitor injures themselves tumbling from your porch and the railing collapses under them. They might be compensated if the visitor brings a personal injury claim because you didn’t take reasonable precautions for their protection (ensuring the railing was stable).

In premises liability lawsuits, injured parties may be awarded damages for their suffering, medical costs, lost wages, and other costs.