Juliet D'cruz

Why is Machine Learning a Good Career Choice?

Today when we have changed the way we do our routine tasks, it is Machine Learning and AI working behind the scenes.

Let us look at the applications we use in our routine life where Machine Learning plays the actual role.

  • Google Maps enables you to drive your way to unknown places with the shortest routes or the routes with the least traffic.
  • The New York Times gave the headline: “Commercial Flights to use Autopilots.”
  • ML and AI have made banking handy and personalized for the people who have no time to physically visit the bank.
  • The personalized news feed on Facebook is the result of ML algorithms.
  • Pinterest recommends the pins of your interest. 
  • An excellent photographic platform, Snapchat, offers facial filters, also known as lenses, shifts the mask when you move your head.
  • ML algorithms help in disease breakthrough, driving medical data for results research, planning and guiding therapy, and entire patient management.
  • And our favorite, ‘OK Google,’ that makes calls for you can send messages for you and does almost everything you ask it to do.

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What do you realize from the above points?

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are everywhere, and we are so immersed in these technologies that we don’t even realize their presence. Machine learning capabilities are widely applied today and are changing the business landscape dynamically. Some of the biggest enterprises are using machine learning, and it is clear that its influence is going to grow.

The average annual salary of a Machine Learning Engineer in India is around INR 7,00,000. 

From the period spanning 2015 to 2018, there was a massive 330% increase in job openings for machine learning. The major hiring that all the tech companies are undergoing is those of specially skilled and trained machine learning engineers who can create perfect algorithms. The reasons are enough to learn machine learning by going with a machine learning course in Hyderabad and making a lucrative career in the ever-growing domain.

Let us now explore what machine learning is and how you can make a career in it.

What is Machine Learning?

The technology that enables you to create systems that can analyze pre-existing data, learn patterns, and make predictions/decisions/classifications on similar data with the least human interference is referred to as Machine Learning. 

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Machine learning is taught with data; it is not programmed.

Just as we humans learn from the experience of the past and make decisions based on what we have learned, ML is a similar technique that involves training a computer to learn from historical data to perform tasks with greater efficiency in the future.

The most important fact is that Machine Learning forms a key role in achieving Artificial Intelligence. It is that critical component of AI where machines use algorithms to learn based on previous experiences and historical data inputs, eventually forming the base of AI. 

Also, the foundation of a productive machine learning implementation is meaningful data, which is obtained from Data Science.

When compared to traditional programming, machine learning starts with feeding data into the machine, and based on what has previously been fed; the machine creates its logic based on the required outcome. So the learning process of machines goes with the least human intervention. 

Google is considered a master in applying machine learning to polish their user’s search experience. Google can better realize your intent of each of your queries through machine learning and places the most appropriate results for you. And this is the reason that Google is an all-time favorite for us.

Career Landscape

The TSI or Talent Supply Index, a study made by Belong, states that the demand for Data Scientists (that also involves Machine Learning primarily) has grown up by 400% across varied industries in India. 

Another report by Great Learning states that India has doubled its AI workforce from around 40,000 in 2018 to nearly 72,000 in 2019. 

Moreover, machine learning jobs are expected to be worth around USD 31 billion by 2024. This shows a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of more than 40% for six years.

The stats mentioned above underscore the demand for machine learning talent, making you realize that you could be on your way to a rewarding career in this ever-evolving domain.

Both the reports state that though there is a massive increase in the number of job openings in AI and ML, there is also a deficiency of skilled, trained, and certified professionals. This is the reason that professionals in these streams are paid lucrative salaries if they are specifically trained and skilled. 

Besides, AI and ML jobs are poised to keep growing. This is because almost all the industries like healthcare, retail, advertisement, finance, education, retail and eCommerce, and automobiles are adopting machine learning. 

Since ML is impacting practically every industry, it is easy for you to move into your interest area irrespective of the specialty you are going to pursue. Besides machine learning giving you great career opportunities, it may seem challenging to acquire the required skills. This becomes more difficult for professionals who don’t possess a formal degree in computer science and engineering.


The increase in the number of machine learning jobs has also increased the need for employees who are trained and skilled. 

If you wish to make a career in machine learning, there are revolutionary online courses that can help you acquire those skills without changing much of your routine. There are potions of self-paced learning along with options of virtual classrooms. 

Online training is recommended because the topics in machine learning are difficult to grasp. Once you have acquired a strong foundation with these courses, you can easily develop the required skills. This will make it easy for you to advance your career in machine learning.

If this is not enough, there are doubt sessions that are conducted by industry experts to make sure that you are prepared well. Also, you get career guidance by the end of the course.

Get yourself enrolled now!