Juliet D'cruz

Why Instagram stories are good for your business?

Any business’ digital marketing strategy would have Instagram stories within it. This is because this tool is now being used by big multinationals such as Apple, Microsoft, Guardian and Volkswagen. 

Brands and businesses are using stories for multiple reasons. From increasing visibility of your brand to perform better story telling, this tool is becoming very much popular, especially amongst startups. 

Following is why Instagram stories are good for your business and its growth:

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  • Better brand visibility

Stories of the Instagram user will appear at the top of the screen. The followers also get notified that a story has been posted. This means that the brand will be able to make itself more visible to the followers. Do not restrict to posting one story a day. In fact, you can post as many stories as you want to narrate something. However, ensure that the content is of quality for better brand visibility. Fortunately, there are other ways as well to achieve this purpose. This includes purchasing Famoid likes. If you purchase these likes, you are more likely to see organic growth on the Instagram. This makes the brand more visible. 

  • Generate leads

If you increase the number of followers, which can be done by purchasing likes as mentioned above, you are increasing the number of audience. This can result into better prospects and leads. Instagram stories are also discoverable by those who do not follow you. It is one of the greatest marketing opportunities for businesses which if leveraged properly, can provide fruitful results. 

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  • Instant feedback

All businesses would agree that feedback from customers is one of the most important things for their growth. Instagram stories can be used before launching a product. This is to do a digital market survey. You can even use the stories to get instant feedback from the customers. Polls and questions can be asked in order to know what the customers think about. Thereafter, the feedback can be reflected upon to analyze your business strategies. 

  • Make brand more transparent

If you want the brand to be more transparent, then it is imperative that your business use stories. This can be done by showing behind the scene clips. It gives the followers information about the product, service and also about the team working on it. This makes customers feel more included in the business processes. It is an ideal thing to do if you want to develop trust and rapport with the customers. 

  • Run advertisements

Instagram stories can now be used to run advertisements. This is a feature which is available to all the business accounts on this social media channel. It allows the business to target the people. Ad managers can also be used to effectively use this feature. 

The bottom line

Above are some of the ways in which Instagram stories can boost businesses. However, there are other creative and innovative ways in which businesses have been using this tool to their advantage.