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Why Do You Need Industrial Cleaning Equipment?

Most industrial businesses have vessels that shake, mix, tint, process and finalize their products. Since their products adhere to strict formulas, regular cleaning is essential–without it, their products might be contaminated with tint, chemicals or residue. A business could hire professionals to clean out their equipment and get it ready for reuse. However, hiring an outside company costs extra time and money–and there’s no guarantee that the company will clean it properly.

Instead of relying on outside companies, keep your vessel washing in-house with cleaning equipment from NexGen Enviro Systems. Our products make it easy to stay on schedule, increase your output and reduce costs.   Here’s everything you need to know before you order industrial cleaning equipment from NexGen Enviro Systems Inc.

What Makes Industrial Cleaning Equipment Worth The Cost?

  • Hiring an outside cleaning company presents a number of challenges. Even if you’re satisfied with your company, you might not realize how much time you can save when you move the cleaning in-house. Here’s why many businesses have invested in cleaning equipment for their factories:
  • You won’t have cleaners taking your equipment off-site, making it difficult to keep track of the process. Instead, you’ll keep everything on the factory floor so you can always keep an eye on your equipment.
  • You’ll save time because you can wash your vessels in-house instead of waiting for an outside company to arrive, remove the machines and return them after cleaning.

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  • With less downtime, you’ll be able to increase your productivity and boost your profits.
  • You’ll create a safer environment for yourself and your employees because you’ll reduce your exposure to industrial chemicals and solvents.
  • If you manually clean your own equipment, you’ll cut time and labor costs, allowing you to focus on other business operations.
  • Your business saves money by cleaning and reusing vessels instead of throwing them away.
  • Your vessels will be perfectly cleaned every time with little room for human error.
  • If you work in the food or cosmetics industries, you’ll keep your products safe and hygienic for customers.
  • You’ll produce a cleaner, brighter and more high-quality product with virtually no residue.

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What Are Your Industrial Cleaning Equipment Options?

Currently, we sell three types of industrial cleaning equipment at NexGen Enviro Systems. Each machine is tough, efficient and long-lasting so it can clean virtually every vessel in your factory.

Drum Washing Machines

Drum washing machines can clean your drums in three minutes or less. In the amount of time that it would have taken you to manually clean a drum, you can have several drums cleaned, dried and back on the floor. Everything is 100% automated, limiting your exposure to harsh chemicals and solvents. Get in touch with us to learn about your different options so we can provide the right drum machine for your business.

Tank Cleaning Machines

Manufacturers that work with liquids need cleaning machines for their tanks, buckets and mixers. Our tank cleaning equipment cleans your containers in an average of three minutes, shrinking downtime and boosting your productivity. Once you’ve cleaned your tank, you can refill the container with another liquid, dye, paint or cosmetic without compromising the products’ integrity.

Container Cleaning Machines

Container cleaning machines are great for plastic buckets, vessels, totes, bins and other containers. The machine cleans your container in three minutes or less–and when you take it out, you’ll find that it’s better than the results you’d get from a manual cleaning. Our container cleaning machines can wash virtually every size and shape container.

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