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Which airtrack is better for you?

Which airtrack is best for you? Airtracks flexible mats are available in three types, which can vary in length and width. The Airfloor p1 is 10cm high, the airtrack p2 is 20cm high and the airtrack p3 is 30 feet high. What type of airtrack is right for you differ in the discipline and level of the runners?

Quality of airtrack

The quality of our Kameymall Airtracks and Airfloors is equal in every product. All sports-def. (double wall curtains) products are made from the same materials and with the same design specifications. Within airtrack, a small polyester threat determines the product length. Our most common colours are blue and gravy.

Weight of airtrack or Airfloor

The difference in weight is not possible, as it is only the length of the extension yarn. Therefore, the weight of Airfloor or airtrack is calculated primarily by the number of meters. You can calculate the weight of each airtrack by increasing the number of meters by 3.3 kg. On this website however, we have added the weight of all the equipment in the performance section on the individual product page.

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Inspiration of the internal air

Airtrack lengths focus on the amount of air-pressure needed to prevent the player from ‘going down’. As a rule of thumb, a ground product such as Airfloor requires high compression and vice versa.

Example: if you weigh 60 pounds and jump on an Airfloor hit the ground. If you jump on the airtrack p3, with 50 inches of internal pressure, you are not going to land outside. This means that internal compression can be reduced to fatty Airtracks like airtrack p3. The airtrack p3 can however reach one of the most pressing possible with Airfloor. The airtrack p3 on the heavily compressed feels as strong as Airfloor would. If you want what kind of pressure may have forced you or your players, it is best to look in a given book.

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Covers and tables

Airfloor only has small valves. These pumps are powered by an ov-10 blower or foot pump. The Airtracks p2 and p3 have some great valves, which can help speed up the installation or shutdown of Airtracks with a hikoki blower. Home appliances, such as the air block or airtrack spark do not have a large valve as wind power is limited. For air track mat starting from eight meters in height, the hikoki will be a highly recommended blower. We will do the same to add the best blower to your order for free.

Airtrack for gymnastics clubs

Airtrack factory has a full range of Airtracks in different types, sizes and purposes. The first choice you need to make is the thickness. The important thing to know is where airtrack will be. There are gymnastics on the floor, the Airfloor is perfect. On a dry floor, we recommend the airtrack p2 or p3. After seeing airtrack thickness you should see the length and width. The standard airtrack is 2 meters wide. On this track, two methods can be used simultaneously, making it a good choice for large groups or if high-end-required. The diagonal of the typical race ground is 16.97 meters. Therefore, a 15-foot-tall airtrack with a landing mat at the end may be a good choice for bodybuilders.

Airtrack p2 20 cm

The airtrack p2 is our most popular track. This popularity has skyrocketed as it is an effective price airtrack suitable for all ages and skill levels. Good for beginners at low pressure and suitable for competitive players at high pressures. The airtrack p2 can also be used in combination with carpet bound foam but is mostly used for free. Due to its 20 cm height it is also suitable for a gym with hard flooring.

Airtrack p3 30 cm

The depth of the air allows the player to perform a slow, easy bounce. Without the need for skill to perform in your set, you will still be able to get long enough to practice flips. Feelings of low pressure can be compared to a bouncy castle.

At high pressures, you can increase the length, but for this, a better approach is needed. Feelings of high pressure are similar to rapid and increased technological bounce of lower gymnastics. The airtrack however will give a lower bounce, and thus opens you up from the ground. At such deep pressures, you need less running and a better landing. We therefore recommend learning new skills at low pressure and instead of building pressure until it is similar to the gymnastics floor. From there, switch to gymnastics under a small sticker that landing.

What is air track mats made?

Carpets are usually made using man-made materials that make products durable. The material of PVC mats is cheap and light, which means that they are very suitable for beginners who do not know which type of mattress, is suitable for them. Air track mats are made of high-quality materials including dual wall coverings and commercial-grade PVC tarpaulin. Positive things can make trails last longer. They have Velcro on the sides of the edges that can help secure the mat or allow you to attach more than one.