What Is The Importance Of Reasoning Questions In Banking Examinations?

Juliet D'cruz

What Is The Importance Of Reasoning Questions In Banking Examinations?

Reasoning no matter it is non-verbal or verbal, analytical or logical, is a vital portion of examination patterns of many competitive examinations and ability-testing exams in India as well as abroad. The reasoning questions help institutions in gauging an aspirant’s critical thinking, problem-solving, and calculations, besides the capability to connect various series prediction skills. Reasoning accompanied by verbal ability is commonly asked in preliminary examinations that work as screening tests for the following phases of selection. The examination process finally ends with a personal interview round. 

The pdf of reasoning questions with answers has been included for the banking aspirants. Hence, to crack the banking exam, aspirants must cover every repeated as well as the latest question pattern that is asked in the preliminary and mains exam. It becomes a one-stop solution for students when they want to make banking reasoning preparation. In the prelims of the banking reasoning examination, 35 questions are asked, and students are asked 40 questions for the mains. 

Kinds of reasoning questions

Some major kinds of reasoning questions that students are asked in various competitive examinations for different recruitments are:

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  • Alphanumeric Series.
  • Coding and decoding.
  • Puzzle Test.
  • Syllogism Questions.
  • Ranking Test or Direction Test.
  • Seating Arrangement.
  • Data Sufficiency Test.
  • Blood Relations.

The aim of the logical reasoning test

The logical reasoning tests measure an aspirant’s ability to reason logically. Commonly, these tests gauge the non-verbal abilities of aspirants. Every aspirant needs to go through abstract and logical reasoning, analogies, and structures and extract rules that he can apply to discover a correct answer amongst some possible choices. Students need to take their logical reasoning tests online and utilize their logical reasoning skills to recognize the correct answers. Now, in the results, they would find their answers and all correct answers along with explanations.

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Tips for cracking reasoning questions

You must follow some pieces of advice to crack reasoning questions like:

  • You need to be armed with the finest resources, and while you prepare for competitive examinations, you must follow only those materials that are according to the newest syllabus. This will not only help you in your preparation process but will make your weak areas strong.
  • It is also important to go through the reasoning questions diligently. In the majority of situations, the answers to the questions remain hidden, but the sentences lead students in a distinct direction. You must not waste your time on simple calculations and read every question meticulously to answer it.
  • Never utilize your earlier knowledge or information. You must keep in mind that reasoning questions on word problems or syllogism aren’t formed in real-life situations. Hence, you need to answer reasoning questions only on the mentioned information.
  • You must give importance to triggers and terminologies as 1 out of 5 questions might contain some triggers or terminologies. These kinds of reasoning questions comprise ‘must be’ ‘should be’ and topics on basic science, finance, sports, etc.

Pdf of reasoning questions with answers measure the aspirants’ strength of problem-solving and logical reasoning. An aspirant is tested whether or not he can analyze the images that are being displayed and assume the right answers from the obtainable answer options logically. 


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