What Is Stamp Paper

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What Is Stamp Paper?

Are you curious to know what is stamp paper? You have come to the right place as I am going to tell you everything about stamp paper in a very simple explanation. Without further discussion let’s begin to know what is stamp paper?

In the legal and financial realms, a stamp paper is a crucial document that holds significant importance in various transactions and agreements. It serves as evidence of the validity and legality of certain contracts and acts as proof of payment of the requisite stamp duty. Stamp papers are commonly used in a wide range of legal documents, including agreements, deeds, affidavits, and leases. In this blog, we will delve into the concept of stamp paper, its purpose, and its relevance in legal and financial transactions.

What Is Stamp Paper?

A stamp paper is a type of paper that bears an impressed stamp or an adhesive stamp denoting payment of the applicable stamp duty. Governments issue stamp papers in different denominations, and individuals or entities use them as a valid method of paying the stamp duty required for various legal transactions. The stamp duty is a form of tax levied by the government on certain documents to ensure their legality and enforceability in the eyes of the law.

The Purpose Of Stamp Paper

The primary purpose of using a stamp paper is to record and validate various legal transactions and agreements. When parties enter into a contract or execute a legal document, they purchase a stamp paper of the appropriate value and then write or print the terms and conditions of the agreement on the paper. By doing so, they demonstrate their compliance with the stamp duty requirements imposed by the government.

Key Aspects Of Stamp Paper

  1. Denomination: Stamp papers come in various denominations, and the value of the stamp paper used for a specific document depends on the type and value of the transaction. The stamp duty rates are typically determined by the state or central government and can vary from one jurisdiction to another.
  2. Validity Period: Stamp papers usually have a validity period, and the document must be executed within that timeframe. If the agreement is not executed within the stipulated time, a new stamp paper must be purchased.
  3. Adhesive Stamp and Impressed Stamp: There are two types of stamp papers—adhesive stamps and impressed stamps. Adhesive stamps are physically stuck to the document, while impressed stamps are made by using a stamping machine to emboss the paper with the stamp.

Legal Importance Of Stamp Paper

The use of a stamp paper imparts several legal advantages to a document:

  1. Authentication: A document written on a stamp paper is considered more authentic and legally valid compared to one executed on plain paper. It provides evidence that the requisite stamp duty has been paid and the transaction is genuine.
  2. Admissibility as Evidence: Documents executed on stamp papers hold greater weight as admissible evidence in a court of law. They are recognized as legally enforceable contracts and are readily accepted by judicial authorities.
  3. Prevention of Fraud: The use of stamp papers acts as a deterrent against fraud and misrepresentation in agreements, as it ensures that the parties are committed to the terms they have agreed upon.


Stamp paper is an essential instrument in legal and financial transactions, serving as a tangible proof of the payment of stamp duty and the authenticity of agreements and contracts. Its legal importance lies in providing evidence of the validity of various documents, thus safeguarding the interests of parties involved. As individuals and businesses engage in legal dealings, understanding the significance of stamp paper and adhering to the prescribed stamp duty requirements is crucial to ensure the legality and enforceability of their transactions.


What Is Stamp Paper In Pakistan?

There are two types of stamp papers Judicial and Non-Judicial. Judicial stamp paper is used in relation to the administration of justice in courts whereas non-judicial stamp paper is used on documents related to the transfer of property, commercial and financial agreements etc.

What Is The Use Of Paper Stamp?

The stamped paper has been widely used around the world to collect taxes on documents requiring stampings, such as leases, agreements, receipts, court documents and many others.

What Does Stamp Mean Paper?

Stamp paper meaning can be deemed as non-judicial stamp paper that is used for sale deeds, transfer of immovable property, affidavits, agreements, deeds, wills, etc. This paper is used for executing the said documents in various states across the country.

How To Get E Stamp Paper In Pakistan?

How shall I get e-Stamp Certificate? Citizen will generate Challan 32-A through web portal “https://es.punjab.gov.pk”. Citizen shall visit the designated bank branches to pay the relevant duty mentioned on Challan 32-A and get e-Stamp certificate on the spot from the same branch.

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