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What is Pay-per-Click and How Can My Small Business Benefit?

Don’t let a limited budget get in the way of driving more traffic to your business website, especially if your business is in the field of construction leads. Small businesses like yours can grow their audience, sell their products or services, and boost revenue even with a small budget using pay-per-click marketing.

Regular digital marketing strategies are efficient but costly. If you’re a small business and still starting with a small budget, PPC marketing could save you money. Let’s find out how PPC works and how it can save your company in this updated marketing guide.

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What is PPC Marketing?

Pay-per-click is a marketing strategy that helps small businesses and startups with a small marketing budget. Compared to regular digital ads that cost a lot of money, you will only pay for your ad when users click on it.

A PPC strategy works using keywords you initially bid to use on your campaign. When a user searches for your business using these specific keywords, your PPC ad will appear. You will only pay for your ads once users click. You’ll find PPC ads in different places like in search engine banners, website pop-ups, and on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 

The Benefits of PPC Marketing to Small Businesses

PPC ads are perfect for small businesses. It’s also a practical marketing strategy to keep in your arsenal. Here are its top benefits for small businesses like yours.

Enhances Your Targeting Capabilities

As we mentioned, PPC works using specific keywords. As users use these keywords to search for your business or website on search engines and social media sites, your PPC ads will show up. That user may be interested in your products or services and may want to make a purchase.

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PPC further enhances your targeting capabilities as you can decide where your ads will show. Once you have a clear idea of your audience’s preference, you’ll know the best ad and the correct time to offer it.

Having your ads visible to your targeted audience will improve their click-through rates. And because the user is interested in what you have to offer, you’ll get a better chance to get a sale. PPC provides an easy, practical, and cost-efficient marketing option for small businesses and those starting new campaigns.

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Affordable Marketing Options

Working with a small budget is stressful, especially when developing your initial campaigns. You need to maximize all your marketing efforts to ensure success. With PPC, you can set the cost of your PPC campaigns or how much you will pay for every click. Set a limit so you can stay on your budget. You can always increase or decrease your spending according to your ROI.

The cost-per-click of PPC ads varies depending on the industry and depends on the type of keywords. For example, the average CPC in the medical or health industry is around $2.62, while the most expensive keyword CPC is about $90. On the other hand, in the software industry, the average CPC is $3.80, while the most costly keyword CPC is around $95.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Use PPC for Testing Your Marketing Strategy

Testing your ad copy ensures that you’re creating effective marketing campaigns. PPC will help you make perfect ad copies on different platforms each time. You can easily change your PPC ads to test various ad components like graphics, text, color, headlines, and more. You can run a different version of your ad copy for a time to test which one works best.

You can also use data gathered from your PPC marketing to enhance other strategies. For example, use your PPC ads to change additional ad copies on your social media platforms and your website to get the best results.

Improves Organic Traffic

Google can rank higher on those sites with more organic traffic. This route means your customers or audience have found you through your unpaid links in search. However, building organic traffic can take a lot of time through SEO. With successful PPC ads, you can rank higher in Google search to boost traffic to your sites.

After setting up your marketing campaigns, you may start receiving clicks from your links or URL. More traffic can ensure better engagement, improved brand awareness, and eventually increased revenue.

Enhances Awareness of Your Brand

Digitalauthority.me reports that PPC can improve brand awareness which can significantly help small businesses. You might be struggling to keep up with established brands. People may not be aware of your business or your brand; they may not be aware of your business name. However, they can always use related keywords to display your business’ PPC ads on the search results.

As soon as your PPC ads are featured, people can now see your company logo and brand name. Of course, there’s no guarantee that your audience will click your ads the first time they see them. But, they will likely click on your ad soon as they see this on their results again.

Be in Control

With PPC, you’ll be in control of your ads’ design, and your ad spend. You’ll decide how your business or brand will show in search engines and social media. You can always change any aspect of your PPC marketing according to your results. This way, you can fine-tune your marketing to divert traffic to your site.

Increases Revenue

PPC marketing can increase your ROI for your ad spend as you dictate the cost per click of your ads. For example, if your PPC ads cost $2 for every click and one out of ten people purchased from the ad, you can get $120 earnings from the sale. However, you will still be $100 head of your ad spend.

Final Words

PPC can be an effective and practical marketing tool in your arsenal. When used correctly, you can find the right strategy to grow your small company. In addition, you’ll have more control of your marketing efforts so you can quickly and efficiently reach more people even with a limited budget.

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