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What is Algebra? What are its Applications?

Algebra is one of the oldest areas of study in Mathematics, along with number theory, analysis, and geometry. Algebra is the key that unifies all mathematical topics. It can further be classified into elementary algebra and abstract algebra. If you study any subject such as science, mathematics, engineering, medicine, or economics, knowing elementary algebra is essential. It helps in solving mathematical equations and deriving the value of unknown quantities.

Algebra definition: Algebra is the study of mathematical symbols, and it includes rules that are used for manipulating them.

When a child is introduced to a subject, it is important for him to understand how a specific topic can be applied to any real-life problem. In this article, we will take a look at some applications of algebra. In addition to this, we will see what is the best way to study such a topic. 

Applications of Algebra 

  1. Morning Routine

Every person has to plan for the next day before they sleep. This involves setting up an alarm, getting ready and other activities. To do this, a person knowingly or unknowingly makes use of algebra to calculate the time required to have a bath, eat breakfast, reach the office on time, and so on.

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  1. Finance Industry

A financial analyst uses algebraic operations to calculate profits and losses that could be incurred if invested in a particular stock. He needs to analyze the risk associated with the investments he makes that can be done only by having a very good knowledge of algebraic operations. Thus, algebra is the key to be successful in the finance industry.

  1. Sports

Algebra is applied unintentionally to several games such as basketball and cricket. When a cricketer wants to hit a six, he has to calculate the force required to hit a ball. Similarly, basketball players need to calculate the trajectory and the power required to throw the ball in the basket successfully. Thus, irrespective of the sport, algebra is always used. 

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  1. Technology

In algebra, numbers are replaced by symbols. This concept is used to create computer games, mobile phones, cars, TVs, etc. For example, if you play a computer game, you make use of characters that are basically a string of symbols. The coder behind the scenes uses algebra to create this string as well as ensure that the correct symbols interact with each other when needed.

  1. Health

When your weight needs to be checked, your Body Mass Index (BMI) needs to be calculated so that you can monitor your calorie intake. This calculation is done with the help of a set of equations. Hence, you have to use algebra to come to a reasonable conclusion.

How to Study Algebra?

The best way to get a good understanding of the topic is by joining a good coaching institution such as Cuemath. The certified tutors use many resources such as grade 1 math worksheets, puzzles, math games, and interactive apps. They teach lectures that combine fun with studies and create a holistic learning environment for kids. Additionally, they also ensure that a child can maintain a pace of work that is conducive to his learning style. The focus is placed on clearing concepts and giving children an in-depth knowledge of the subject.


Hopefully, this article gives you an insight into how helpful algebra is and how we directly or indirectly apply this to real-life situations. By building a robust foundation in algebra at a young age, kids will be able to solve research-level problems in no time!