What Is A SBI Credit Card?

Berry Mathew

What Is A SBI Credit Card?

SBI offers a range of credit cards that come with an array of added benefits. With minimal and easy documentation, you can become a proud SBI owner. SBI Credit Card also offers joining perks for its cardholders.

For frequent flyers, there’s Yatra SBI Card. 

To avail maximum discount every purchase one can apply for a SIMPLY Save Credit Card. 

A big Air India Fan? Avail for the Air India Platinum Card to avail great discount on Air India flight tickets. 

There are several such SBI credit cards catering to the different needs of individuals. Also, SBI credit card has partnered with several restaurants so that the cardholders can avail some amazing discounts on their lip-smacking dinners. Login to SBI Credit Card website to check for eligibility and choose  a credit card that can take care of your personal and your family’s needs. 

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Want to know the types of credit cards available? Continue reading –

  • Cashback Credit Card

It provides a certain percentage of the amount spent using the credit card as cash. There are types of cashback credit cards, such as

  1. Cards providing the same cash back on a purchase
  2. Cards that offer varied cashback on varying product lines

For instance, SBI Credit Card types come with no joining fee, and all privileges are free for a year. Post that, only a nominal renewal fee is applied. SBI credit card types such as these give cashback on every online transaction, offline transaction, and utility bill. The benefits include domestic airport lounge visits and a fuel surcharge waiver in all petrol pumps across India. 

  • Lifetime Free Credit Card 

This is yet another great credit card type. You don’t have to pay an annual or joining fee(in most cases). You will get rewards or cashback on each spending. Sometimes, for promotional purposes, companies offer these cards to their users. 

For example, SBI credit card types such as the SBI Card Unnati. The annual fee is waived off for the first 4 years; post that, there is a nominal. It comes with a zero-fee card for the first 4 years, and various rewards exist for every spend. Additionally, there are milestone rewards on every and fuel waivers on certain transactions. 

  • Reward Point Credit Card

These credit cards provide reward points. Reward points can be converted to cash, or you can accumulate reward points and use them to purchase from the provider’s website. For instance, the SBI credit card types offer various reward points that can be redeemed through the website. 

  • Travel Credit Card 

Various banks collaborate with travel companies and launch cards for people who travel frequently or like to go on vacations often. When you purchase tickets using this type of card, you can earn reward points which can be later redeemed to pay for travel. 

The SBI credit card types, as the Yatra SBI card, gives a bonus when you join and various travel benefits on domestic and international flight booking. There is a complimentary accidental air cover included as well. 

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  • Premium Credit Card 

These are the most expensive credit cards, mainly for your comfort. Features such as unlimited airport lounge visits, healthcare, golf course visits, discounts in dining and flight bookings, etc. 

For example, many SBI credit card types offer prime features like a welcome e-voucher, prime rewards, and milestone benefits, including club Vistara membership, lounge access, and birthday benefits. 


You must know all the interest rates and other applicable charges on the credit card before you purchase one. Thorough research is essential to select the best credit card. However, before you choose a credit card, it is imperative to choose the right card as per your needs and requirements.