Charlotte Miller

What Does a Healthcare Accountant Do?

Accountants have the ability to provide helpful financial services to almost any kind of industry. With most every business revolving around finances in order to survive, there is a need for these records to be meticulously documented in order to be successful. There are various industries that certain accountants are more familiar with and have more experience with than others. Healthcare accountants Idaho Falls particularly have experience and a deep understanding of how the finances work and the tax laws and regulations when it comes to healthcare businesses and organizations. A healthcare accountant is responsible for many aspects of a company’s finances and can provide much-needed information and beneficial services for this industry.

Manage Several Positions

Within any business setting, a company’s finances consist of many different elements that need to be maintained efficiently for the company to be able to run smoothly and grow sustainably. Due to this demanding side of the business, accountants are well-versed in all of the financial functions that a business may have, and a healthcare accountant is no different. While there are certain important regulations that are particular to this field, there are many similar facets that make up the money management side of the business. Healthcare accountants assist in managing several different positions, such as:

  • Internal auditing
  • Managing finances and budget
  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax preparation services
  • Balance financial statements and records

They are specifically trained to understand the ins and outs of these positions as they relate to the healthcare industry in order to best serve healthcare companies in whatever way they can.

Maintain the Balance Sheet

One of the biggest variants to the financial side of the healthcare industry compared to other businesses is the rigid maintenance that needs to be done to the balance sheet. Between private care facilities, various hospitals, and health insurance companies, there are funds being transferred in and out of a healthcare company multiple times every single day. Being in control and knowing where all of these funds are going is imperative to running a successful healthcare business – and it is one of the most important things a healthcare accountant can do. With the financial assets you have legal claim to the debt currently going in and out, there is a delicate balance that needs to be met and maintained in order to stay afloat. This balance sheet helps to organize the assets, liabilities, and debt within the company to help determine the net worth going forward.

Processing and Reporting

When accurate information has been gathered, a healthcare accountant goes to work on processing the information, organizing the records and reports. It is usually at the end of each quarter that accountants tally everything up and report to management the findings and dollar amounts. These reports come with price/cost analysis as well as strategies for the upcoming quarter on how to do better and grow efficiently. Their job is to do all of this reporting accurately so you  have a proper understanding of your healthcare business financial health and cash flow in order to provide a successful future for your company.