What Can You Expect If You Have Been Convicted Of A DUI Charge?

Charlotte Miller


What Can You Expect If You Have Been Convicted Of A DUI Charge?

Car crashes can be more stressful because the injured person needs to get compensated. The claim may take a few weeks to get settled. However, if you have been served a notice of DUI charges, you may have to face litigation. The injured party may have filed a case against you. It is important to learn how you can deal with such a scenario. First, you should hire a DWI defense attorney in Monroe, NC, who can look into the facts of the case and assist you in a better manner.

What makes you stressed?

You might have forgotten about the accident after a few days and weeks and all of a sudden, you get the notice from the court that the injured party has filed a case against you. It can be more complex and confusing for you to receive such a notice after several days. To know more about it, you need to get in touch with an attorney, who can get the details of the party who has filed a case against you.

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Don’t take it casually and act fast

If you have received a notice, you should not let days pass and wait for things to settle on their own. It is suggested to contact a lawyer with relevant experience in this field so that he can prepare your defense. If you submit a late reply, the court may give a judgment against you. This way, the plaintiff may win the case automatically and you will have to face severe consequences including fines, penalties, and others. Your lawyer will be able to educate you on these penalties in a better manner.

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Why hiring an attorney is more important in DUI cases?

It will come as a surprise to you because the plaintiff in a DUI case will seek punitive damages in addition to compensation. That’s why, you must get in touch with a lawyer, who specializes in this field. He can prepare the case for you and try to reduce the impact of the charges. He will try that you don’t have to face huge fines, imprisonment, or other penalties. The compensatory damages can be covered by the liable insurance company. On the other hand, the accused will have to pay punitive damages from his pocket.

We all must try to reduce the number of DUI accidents by not driving when we are drunk. It will help everyone on the road.