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What Are The Things That You Should Prevent Doing While Playing COD Game?

Playing the COD game, you would have an excess in such an environment where you could be joyous. Many people have been attracted to this game because of the pattern which involves survival techniques. Nowadays, people love to play such games with survival abilities in the world, and they use their performance in playing the game. When it comes to the COD, there are also many techniques that you could add up for playing the game and getting a win. 

But when you are playing this game, you must access some of the things that should be prevented. Doing these things while playing the game would allow you to win the games and not feel any issue. For making your game much easier and enhanced, you can also make use of some warzone hacks. If you have good shooting abilities, you would be able to easily play the game, and you can also maintain your controls through them. 

Using the PC or any other console, you can set your controllers, and when you are familiar with them, playing would be easy. One of the best things about this game is that you do not have to pay any amount for playing the game. Available entirely free for the customers, and when you have downloaded the game, you could be able to play anytime. People who are aware of survival games and desire to play them must download this game and try this to have a better game.

Things To Be Prevented

As we have discussed, there are some things which you should prevent while paying for the games, and then only you would be able to win the game. 

  • Dead zone

In the COD game, you can find basically two different types of zones that would help you while playing again. Getting engaged in these types of things is necessary as one type is safer, and the second is known as a dead zone. The safe zone is there to help you and remain in so that you can get yourself relied on, and it keeps you in safety. 

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The yellow color could identify the dead zone in the game, and you can also check it from the map. It is always advised that you should remain aware of the death zone because it would damage your health as you come into the dead zone. So if you want yourself to remain safe while playing the game, you must remain away from the Dead Zone.

  • Sounds of footsteps

If you feel that there are enemies around you, you must take care of the footsteps. In these types of games, we have seen that people tend to interrupt their sound in the game, and because of which they might lose the game. Is this because there are many enemies around us, and when we have to kill them, we need to take care of their footsteps? 

As we know the exact location of the enemies, only we would attack them. But in this case, if you are going to hear your footsteps, it could become a major problem for you because you would not differentiate the sound.

  • Prevent the use of vehicles

Vehicles are the most required items in survival games because you would have to change your location at regular intervals. If you feel that the safe zone is far away from your current location, then using a vehicle at that time would be vital. But when it is about a small zone, you should always prevent the use of vehicles because they could tend to lose the game.

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If people use vehicles in a smaller zone, then the enemies could easily kill them because of knowing the location. Crawling on the ground or even working on the ground in the smallest helps to a large extent. It is also advised that if you are in the last zone, you must use a suppressor in your guns to suppress the sound of the bullets.

  • Loot at airdrops

Airdrops are the most attractive things that arrive in survival games like COD. While you are playing the COD game, It is seen people try to rush towards the airdrops to get the best routes on them. But it is seen that this might be an issue in the future because it could kill you easily by the enemies. It is also observed that many people drive, waiting for the others to come towards loot and so that they could easily kill them. 

If you take care of the surroundings while looting the drop, it will help you get proper usage and get yourself in a safe room. You should be patient while getting the airdrops, and you should also check around the surroundings properly because that would help you play the game more effectively. A motor this technique is adopted by many experts as they are seen to have a lot of benefit by accessing such techniques.

  • Parachute

There are many benefits provided to a person when they are using a parachute for the jumping process. But the difficulty arises when you have to reach the ground speedily. In such cases, if people land from any particular plane towards the ground and the speed is slower than others could get the loot easily. 

So you should always cut the parachute before landing, by which you would be able to increase the speed. Stop the option by which you can reopen your parachute, which would help you stay in the air for longer. But you must notice that in this case, the enemies would easily kill you because you are staying in any particular place for longer. 


Finally, before you play any game, you should prevent these things, and then only you will be able to enjoy the game. So if you would be able to prevent these things, then you would be able to have enjoyment.