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Use these alternatives to the adjective “amazing.”

In your daily conversations, in meetings, at university classes, or even in the reports you might write there is always something that can be appealing to you and you want to express your positive point of view towards it. One of the most common adjectives you would probably use in this situation is “Amazing”. However, you might need to express your emotions several times in an inspiring speech or report that you want to attract your audience. Would it be appropriate to use the adjective “Amazing” every time? Amazing idea, amazing movie, amazing theatre, amazing display, amazing …. !!!

Besides, in most cases, although you intend to express your positive emotions, using amazing might not convey the precise meaning you wanted to express. For instance, “the number of people gathered together in the venue was amazing”. Here, it would be more professional to use Remarkable, incredible, or Outstanding. So in this article, we are going to learn some interesting alternatives for the adjective “amazing” (synonyms for amazing). Learning these adjectives and subsequently using them appropriately in your conversations and written language can make you a better English user. One of the most prolific websites that makes you familiar with all ranges of English ingredients is POC English. In its website as well as its YouTube channel you can find invaluable materials that would boost your English very soon.

Astonishing: According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Astonishing means causing a feeling of great surprise or wonder. This term carries a lot of weight. It is not astonishing when a pet like a cat or a dog shakes hands or opens the door; nevertheless, it is astonishing when a cat calls 911 instead of its owner. It was incredible when humans set foot on the moon for the first time.


The details of this plan are astonishing.

The musical group’s performance was astonishing last night.

The number of shopping malls has been cropping up at an astonishing rate, but surprisingly it has not affected the local supermarkets’ sales rate.

Astounding: It is so similar to astonishing. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, astounding means causing astonishment or amazement. You could find yourself speechless when something is astounding. You could just stand there, dumbfounded, for a long time when you witness something astounding. Moreover, astounding refers to something that is so unexpectedly great that it is overwhelming such as the astounding winning lottery news.

Examples: The leading role performance in the move was so astounding.

Stunning: A person who exudes remarkable beauty might be characterized as stunning. Weddings have a certain quality that makes every bride appear stunning. Stunning may also indicate shock, disbelieving, or amazement. If your football team is defeated stunningly, it’s by a rival squad you were sure you could defeat. This is used, especially for truly amazing things like the amazing performance by the school mime team or music group.

Examples: Seeing such a huge amount of people in the venue was so stunning to me.

Phenomenal: You may also refer to anything as phenomenal if you find it to be stunning, magnificent, or incredible. Not only are phenomenal things cool, but they’re also genuinely amazing and could even be one of a kind. That one about your sister’s cancer research initiative, which raised a million dollars in two weeks? That is phenomenal. And Lionel Messi is without a phenomenal football player alive, having won an incredible 8 golden balloons.

Examples: The music group’s performance in the ceremony was so phenomenal.


Splendid: Looking genuinely amazing right now? Then you could be stopped by a person who says, “Wow! You look splendid, my love!” Express gratitude to the individual, since the word “splendid” denotes magnificent, amazing, delightful, and/or outstanding. When describing something of the greatest caliber, use the term splendid. Additionally, you could have a splendid idea, go for a morning stroll, or run into an old buddy.

Example: The CEO’s ideas in the meeting were splendid and indisputable.

Spectacular: Spectacular is an adjective as well as a noun. An enormous, gorgeous production, such as a play or musical with a large cast and several dance sequences, is referred to as spectacular. When something is spectacular, it appears to be a unique accomplishment, a true eye-catching moment. Because of this, it can also be connected to drama or creating a scene, such as a spectacular dispute you see in the street.

Example: Spectacular sceneries of the outskirt of my hometown attracts a lot of people at the weekend.

Staggering: A staggering sum is one that is mind-boggling, amazing, and stupefying. Anything staggering leaves you speechless. It’s a word for things that seem so unbelievable that they may make you trip and fall. It is shocking news if the Supreme Leader is shot. It’s staggering if there is a significant flood or tornado. The prospect of alien life reaching Earth would be staggering. Anything that is mind-blowing or leaves you completely stunned is staggering.

Example: The staggering scenery of the sky left all the people in the ceremony speechless.

Marvelous: A marvelous object is exceptional, fantastic, and nearly miraculous. By any measure, it would be amazing to find a bag of gold. Good enough, or even just average, is not marvelous. Something has to be truly amazing, remarkable, or difficult to believe to be considered marvelous. People are amazed by marvels because they are remarkable and somewhat startling, akin to a miracle. It would be marvelous to learn that ice cream is beneficial to your health. And to really make someone feel good, tell them how marvelous their new hat looks.

Example: The groom looked marvelous in last night’s wedding ceremony

Prodigious: prodigious is anything extraordinary, significant, or great. A blizzard consists of prodigious wind and snowfall. A prodigious writer is someone who writes well and in large quantities. Amazing things are said to as prodigious. You are really powerful if your strength is enormous. You have a house full of kittens if your cat produced a prodigious litter. This term has strength and formality to it. Reserve it for items whose quality or quantity truly astounds you. A little drizzle is hardly a prodigious downpour, but a storm that completely submerges a city most definitely is.

Example: The last week’s hurricane was prodigious. It destroyed numerous buildings and led to some fatalities.

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