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Unq Gamer Raju Wiki, Biography, House, Wife, Family, PUBG ID, DJ Song

Unq Gamer wiki: Unq Gamer is one of the famous PUBG streamers in India. His real name is Raju and he is popular known as Punju. He is a telugu youtube streamer. His youtube channel has 1 million subscribers and his videos have more than 180 million views totally. Raju was born on 8th Of January 1990 in Hyderabad. His age is 31 as of now.

UNQ Gamer Wiki

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UNQ Gamer Raju Biogrpahy

He makes huge amount of earning through his youtube live streaming. His channel name is Unq Gamer, His main sources of earning come are Ad sense, Channel membership and Super chats. It is estimated that he earns 5 Lakh Rupees per month just by playing games online. 

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He started his Youtube Channel on 18th Of January 2014, His first video was released on the channel on 27th August 2016. First he used to play PC games like Call of Duty Infinite, Black ops and many other games like sometimes GTA. He also used to give his reviews for various games, and gaming products like Joysticks, keyboards and other equipment. But he didn’t get much subscribers.

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But when he started playing PUBG in 2018 and streamed it live on his channel, He started to gain popularity amongst the audience. His known for his running commentary in the game, Now he is more than 1 million subscribers for his channel. He also has another channel in which he uploads the highlights of his gameplay. That channel name is Unq Gaming, This channel has more than 350K Subscribers.


Right now he is the biggest Telugu Youtbe streamer, He loves dogs and his dog name is Jake, He has a following of more than 165K on Instagram. His squad on PUBG is quite popular which is called Punju Squad. So this all the info we have about Unq Gamer or famously known as Punju.