Top 5 Reasons to Choose the Huawei Y7A

Juliet D'cruz

Top 5 Reasons to Choose the Huawei Y7A

The Huawei Y7A continues to be one of the best selling phones from Huawei; with it’s incredible battery life, exceptional cameras and design, it’s no wonder why this phone sells so well. With the release of the new Apple iPhone XS, many people have been asking questions about whether or not they should upgrade to the new iPhone or stick with their current phone; here are our top 5 reasons why you should choose the Huawei Y7A over the new iPhone XS

1) Camera

The camera on your phone is one of its most important features. The reason? It’s because you take so many pictures with it! (Can we pause for a second and talk about how weird that sentence is?) In all seriousness, you do use your camera a lot, which is why making sure you have an excellent one is so important. The Huawei Y7A packs a 13MP rear-facing camera with autofocus and flash. You can even take selfies using a wide aperture front-facing camera, so more people will fit in every shot! Plus, all of your photos are processed by 3D noise reduction technology for clear, crisp images every time.

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2) Build Quality

The Huawei Y7A has a great build quality. For its price range, it feels surprisingly premium. The back is smooth and sits comfortably in your hand, and its dimensions are relatively thin and lightweight at just over 8 inches long by 0.43 inches thick with a weight of approximately 6 ounces. The phone comes in three different colors: blue, black and gold. However, there isn’t much else to be said about its design, since it follows a simple aesthetic that includes rounded corners and thin edges. What really makes it stand out from other budget phones is how sturdy it feels when you use it—it even looks like something that would cost far more than $200!

3) Battery Life

The battery life on any smartphone is an extremely important factor, especially if you spend a lot of time outside of your home. Having a long-lasting battery can be a real lifesaver when you need it most! And that’s exactly what you get with the Huawei Y7A, which is rated for up to 10 hours of talk time and up to 650 hours of standby time. This smartphone can last all day without needing a charge; perfect for those who are always on-the-go! [Details]

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4) Software Interface and UI Design

An attractive UI design is critical for any smartphone. It not only impacts user experience but also has a significant impact on brand image and product competitiveness. Mobile phones with good user interface tend to achieve higher market share than their counterparts with poor designs. The new EMUI 8.0 gives you a whole new way of interacting with your phone, it features swipe gestures and smart recommendations that bring more convenience and fun into your daily use of your phone, allowing you to explore more in every moment of life.

5) Value for Money

The best way to understand how much the Huawei Y7A costs is by examining its value for money. In other words, if you want a smart phone that works well and won’t break the bank, the Huawei Y7A is an excellent choice. It’s not only one of the cheapest options available today, but it also does a remarkable job at offering top-tier features. Its price tag may not reflect its overall quality in some people’s eyes, but the value is undeniable. For those who aren’t concerned with spending too much on their next mobile device and care more about having something they know will last them a while and can handle virtually anything they throw at it, then there are very few phones better than the Y7A.


Because of its strong and stylish build, excellent battery life, and ample storage capacity, we’re happy to give it our top spot on our list. The phone really hits it out of the park in a number of areas for such an affordable device. Check it out for yourself and see if you don’t agree with us!


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