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Tips and tricks for CBSE class 9 science exam

Class 9 exams are always a source of tension for the students as they have to appear for the board exams next year. And, the concepts taught in class 9 will come in handy in class 10 boards as well. The CBSE class 9 science syllabus consists of 15 chapters between biology, chemistry, and physics.

 Each chapter discusses various scientific processes in length. Since the entire book is a mixture of multiple domains, students might tend to get a bit intimidated. The numerical problems of physics, organic chemistry and its vast number of exceptions, and the numerous biological processes are some of the things students will learn this year.

Hence, class 9 science is a mixture of theoretical processes and numerical problems and each challenge is unique, which poses difficulty for many students. If any student does not take the right steps to counter his confusion and doubts, he is sure to be under a lot of pressure during the wee hours of the exam preparations.

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Therefore, it is very crucial that you study this subject diligently without procrastinating throughout your academic year. If you wish to do well in your class 9 science exam then you must first dissect your preparation schedule into 3 distinct parts; the parts being chemistry, physics, and biology. You need to dedicate a fixed number of hours to each part and practice well if you wish to do well in your exams. Below, we will be discussing some tips as to how you can perform well in your class 9 exams. Read them carefully, incorporate them into your study routine and perform to the best of your ability in your tests. So, without further ado, let us get going.

  • Chemistry

Now chemistry itself is divided into 3 parts- inorganic, organic, and physical.

For organic chemistry-

Organic chemistry can be quite tricky and hence we must always pay heed to the concepts and of course the never-ending saga of exceptions. The moral however is that carbon is the main culprit of this branch of chemistry. If you do not completely clear all your concepts then it is eminent that you will hate chemistry. Make sure to solve the problems related to conversions regularly. Without practice, you will have a very hard time. Practice all the conversions and reactions mentioned in the NCERT class 9 science book. And always remember to not memorize and mug up the reactions as it will be of no use and instead will only harm you. Since you will not be delving deep into organic chemistry, this much information is enough to fetch you good scores.

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For inorganic chemistry-

Inorganic can be monotonous and dull but remember, it is a scoring segment. Strictly stick to NCERT for your basics. This book is enough to help you do well in this branch. Try to find innovative ways of remembering the main points using visual tactics like flowcharts, diagrams, etc. This helps.

For physical chemistry-

Here, you have to be good at your math. To be able to implement the formulas in the right places and do your calculations well is the key to scoring good marks in physical chemistry. Mostly the questions are asked directly where you need only to apply the formula and do the calculation. Hence, it is comparatively easier than organic chemistry.

  1. Physics

Just like in the case of chemistry, the NCERT book forms the perfect base for your physics preparations. The physics of class 9 is basic and hence if you are good at grasping concepts then you are good to go. The chapters on the atom are basic. You need to understand the important events related to the atom and its components. You can use flowcharts, diagrams, and even watch videos. These will help you remember each component of the atom very well. The laws of motion require attention. This is the backbone of physics and hence you need to understand each topic and practice the problems related to it. Once you understand this chapter well, you will find it easy to study the other subsequent chapters of physics. Watch videos and understand the logic behind each law and how they work in our day-to-day life. Relate to them and you will never forget them.

  1. Biology

For biology, strictly stick to your NCERT book, it is more than enough for your class 9 exams. Do not burden yourself with unnecessary supplementary materials. It is completely theory hence you need to read the chapter well and jot down the important points. After you jot down the important points, you must form your own set of questions that you think can be asked from those topics. In this manner, you will cover all the parts and topics of the chapter. You need to memorize some contents as well in biology. But before that do remember to understand their logic as well and their mechanisms, if any. Biology can be exhausting but remember that since it is completely theoretical it depends on your ability to assimilate information. Practice the question in between and end of each chapter as well. Those are very important.

So, remember;

  1. The NCERT book is a must 
  2. Nothing substitutes hard work and practice
  3. Without efficiently grasping the fundamentals, you would not be able to solve numerically or understand any mechanism
  4. Read the theoretical concepts as a story and relate to them, you will be able to grasp most of them efficiently
  5. Do not overburden yourself with unnecessary extra information
  6. Solve papers

All these tips can aid you in doing well in the class 9 science exams. Try to incorporate these into your exam preparation routine. Be consistent as only working hard is not enough to get good marks, you need to be consistent with your hard work as well. Try to dedicate a few hours every day to science.