Charlotte Miller

The Ultimate Guide To Make Up For Glasses Wearers

Wearing glasses doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your makeup look. In fact, with the right tips and tricks, your Icons Miami Eyewear can beautifully complement your makeup and overall style. Here’s how you can achieve a flawless look:

Consider Your Frames

Before applying any makeup, consider the style and color of your frames. Delicate frames allow you to go bold with your eye makeup, while thicker frames may suit a lighter, more natural look. If your glasses are vibrant, choose makeup shades that match or contrast tastefully.

Adjust Makeup According to Your Glasses Fit

The way your glasses sit on your face can impact how your makeup looks. For instance, if your glasses make your eyes appear smaller, use an eyelash curler and volumizing mascara to open your eyes. A brightening concealer can lighten the area if your glasses cast shadows under your eyes.

Be Mindful of Coverage

Glasses often touch certain areas of the face, like the bridge of your nose and the tops of your cheeks. Be mindful of the amount of product you apply in these areas. Too much foundation can lead to unsightly dents and marks on the skin. Instead, opt for a lightweight formula and build coverage gradually.

Extra Care for Problem Areas

If you’re prone to redness or blemishes on the nose, apply a little extra foundation in this area and set it with powder. This will help your glasses sit comfortably without rubbing off your makeup.

Keep It Matte

A matte finish is best for the nose area. This prevents your glasses from slipping down your nose, especially in hot weather or during periods of intense activity. Use a setting powder to keep everything in place.

Skip Liquid Highlighter on the Nose

While a highlighter can give your skin a beautiful glow, it’s best to avoid liquid formulas on the nose area. These can rub off easily, leading to smudged glasses and patchy makeup. Instead, opt for a powder highlighter or skip it altogether.

Balance Thick Frames with Lighter Brows

Opt for a lighter touch on your brows if you have thick frames. Too much brow product combined with thick frames can look severe. Use a light brow pencil to shape and define your brows gently.

Go Dramatic with Thin Frames

With thinner frames, feel free to add more drama to your brows. Use your glasses as a guide and avoid extending your brow beyond the end of your frames.

Stay on Top of Regrowth

Since your lenses may magnify your brows, it’s crucial to maintain your brow shape regularly. Pluck or trim any scraggly hairs and fill any sparse spots with a brow pencil or powder shadow.

For Eye Makeup

Consider whether you’re near-sighted or far-sighted. Near-sighted individuals should stick to creamy, eye-opening eyeshadows, while far-sighted individuals can opt for darker, neat liners for a smokey look.

For Lips

Lastly, draw attention to your lips with a cream-based matte lip color. This will balance the attention drawn to the upper portion of your face by your glasses.

Remember, balancing your look is the key to perfect makeup when wearing glasses. Let your frames and lenses guide your makeup choices and be bold and experiment until you find what works best for you.