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The Tastiest Treats at Papa John’s (Besides the Pizzas)

Cinnamon Pull Aparts

Yes, eating an entire tray of this scrumptious dessert may not please your dietician, as it comes with close to 2,000 calories. But then again, it’s a tray that’s meant to be shared with a group of buddies. It’s just that there might be a competition among friends as to how many pieces each one gets, because these things are just so delicious. 

This is made with small pieces of cinnamon roll, with cinnamon crumbles on top for the texture. You can pull it apart (hence the name), so that everyone can get a taste. 

Then you have the cream cheese icing, which really enhances the sweetness of it all. It’s just a truly decadent treat that you just have to try, and then you’ll praise the heavens for its existence. 

Garlic Knots

You’ll pay less than 6 bucks for garlic knots, and whenever you savor a bite, you’ll think that it’s a steal at that price. Heck, even with the garlic, you just might enjoy this on a date, especially when you share the garlic knots with your partner. 

On the face of it, you just have small pieces of garlic bread. The bread is nicely soft and that pillowy texture adds to the experience. 

And then there’s the garlic. There’s no skimping on the garlic here, so you sure get lots of it. This makes sure that you enjoy each bite, instead of the boring taste you might otherwise get. Add the parmesan to the garlic, and the combination of flavors is just downright fantastic. 

But you’re still not done, since you also have the dipping sauce to enhance the flavor. With the sauce’s tangy taste along with a slight sweetness, it’s very easy to finish off the garlic knots all by yourself. 

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Italian Papadia

You have lots of Papadia options to choose from, and this unusual pizza-sandwich hybrid in itself is an experience you have to try if you haven’t done so before. But the Italian Papadia is perhaps the most memorable. 

It’s basically a small pizza that’s been folded to make a sandwich. 

One way that the Italian Papadia is different from the others is that it has banana peppers, with a zing that keeps this from ever being boring. What’s more, these banana peppers also enhance all the other tastes. 

It also uses Alfredo sauce, which is almost unexpected. But it makes sense, especially with the combination of Italian sausage and salami, along with the cheese. 

It’s a heavy dish to be sure, but it fills you up quickly and you also enjoy the terrific taste. 

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Double Chocolate Chip Brownie

Your nutritionist may frown upon too-frequent visits to any fast-food joint. But if you’re going to Papa John’s on your “day off” from your diet, then you may as well get dessert. And if you’re craving something sweet, this brownie will satisfy your need, especially if you’re a chocolate fan. 

It’s nice and fudgy at the center, with nice balance between dense and soft. It’s just right enough that with each bite, you’ll want another bite right away. You’ve also got a nicely flaky top, with chocolate chips over the entire brownie, giving you that extra oomph of sweetness. 

This really works well with some strong coffee as well. This is one indulgent dessert that should just make you smile a lot. 

Cheese Sticks

The cheese pizza is a classic here at Papa John’s, and the same might be said of their cheese sticks. This starts with the bread, which they first cover in garlic sauce. Then they put in the cheese, and the result is just fantastic. 

Sure, you may find some terrific recipes online so you might just make this yourself. But then again, why risk it? At Papa John’s, they just make it perfectly each time. And besides, you also get to enjoy the marinara dipping sauce, which elevates the whole thing. 

Jalapeño Popper Rolls

This is a great side dish to your pizza, much like a great order of fries to go with your burger. The spiciness may be a bit too much for some, but for many of us, that zing is just right. 

Basically, you have small pieces of dough. And inside these rolls, you’ll find a delectable mix of jalapeños with the cream cheese to tone things down. It’s the kind of spiciness level that won’t deter you from another bite. instead, it just encourages you to get a fresh bite. Try it with the ranch dipping sauce, and it can be a snack on its own. 

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