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The surrogate mother and the procedure she goes through to give birth to the newborn – Surrogate mother costs in the Czech republic

Surrogacy is a known procedure for having a genetic child. Moreover, couples from all over the world get this procedure done in different countries. Furthermore, there is a fescov fertility clinic in Ukraine that helps people with surrogacy procedures. Moreover, the leihmutter kosten in tschechien are available for adequate price. There are many services that this clinic offers. Some of them are as under:

●  All the risks are covered unless the child comes into the world

●  The birth of a healthy child

●  The birth takes place in the Czech republic

●  The program is applicable for singles

When the couple is all set for the procedure, they must keep in mind that the package includes the following:

●  A complete examination of the male prior IVF procedure

●  Sperm quality analysis

●  Semen’s cryopreservation

●  Allowance of the egg donor on behalf of the clinic along with complete detail of the candidate

●  A comfortable stay in the hospital with three times meal a day

●  Completion of legal documents

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Selection of a healthy embryo along with embryo transfer

●  Provision of multiple IVF attempts along with an egg donor

●  ICSI program + IVF + cryopreservation of embryos


●  Provides a surrogate mother

● Only the transfer of unlimited, healthy embryos

Medical supervision of pregnancy and surety of childbirth in the Czech republic

●  Take care of surrogate mother’s pregnancy under standard medical care

●  Ukraine’s maternity care time is up to 6 months

●  Surrogate mother’s insurance at the 12th week of pregnancy

●  Transfer of leihmutter to the Czech republic

●  Proper pregnancy care of the surrogate after the 8th month of pregnancy and the surety of childbirth in the Czech Republic

●  Complete compensation for surrogacy perks and the payment is made during and after childbirth

●  Surrogate mother costs in the Czech Republic are very low.

Surrogacy services and the costs associated with them

There are multiple services that the feskov fertility clinic offers, but some of them are as below:

●  Artificial fertilization

The comfort guarantee services cost around 17,000€ with a guaranteed IVF+PGD. Even better, an unlimited number of embryo transfers occurs in case of inconvenience.

The VIP guarantee program charges a couple around 28,500€ and includes IVF+PGD. Furthermore, there are several options for IVF with one’s eggs until the child’s birth.

The deluxe package costs around 34,500€, with the option of choosing the gender of the child.

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●  Human genomics services

Human genomics services is a great one as it helps to achieve ideal genetics for your child. Furthermore, human genomics is an advanced scientific field that studies human genes and learns functions and structures. Even more, human genomics helps to know how genes work and react. Also, it tells us how genes react to one’s body.

Moreover, the human genomics service helps future parents protect their children from genetic diseases. Hence, feskov fertility clinics offer incredible services and maximize the chances of a disease-free child.


Surrogacy is a blessing from the modern sciences. It is the only surrogate mother through which couples can have their biological child. Otherwise, there are various medical reasons why couples can not produce the baby on their own.



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