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The Power of Predictive Analytics and RoboForex

RoboForex is a global leader in the trading field. The company was founded 9 years ago and has now become popular across 169 countries with more than 3 million users who use their online platform to trade foreign currencies, stocks, bonds, etc. RoboForex plays an integral role as they are one of the most active software developers working on new projects that have revolutionized financial markets around the world by creating automation programs for automated trades. 

RoboForex is an award-winning company with a global presence. The group has been recognized as the best broker by prestigious financial market experts and has received numerous awards for its services provided in Belizean dollars, pounds sterling, Swiss francs, U.S. dollars (USD), Russian rubles (RUB), and Japanese yen (JPY). 

In 2015 RoboMarkets Ltd was awarded Best Forex Trader of Europe & Central Asia at London Summit Awards 2016. 

Selecting the best broker: 

The selection of the best Forex brokers is very important for traders to be successful in their ventures. This is a challenge both professional and novice traders need to overcome by learning about commissions, trading instruments available, as well as different types of accounts offered before making this choice. 

The Traders Union experts have created a list of the best Forex platform in 2021 based on four main criteria: spreads, supported trading tools, support services offered by these brokers, and several other factors. The quality of service provided to customers is also an essential element when ranking different companies as being among the top-rated ones for this year. 


The Traders Union rating of Forex brokers is the best and most objective rating system today because it’s based on analysis from hundreds of thousands of traders. No one else in the market has such an opportunity, which makes this unique to us and that’s why our RateForex broker rankings are accurate unlike other sites with a limited number of reviews. 

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RoboForex is an award-winning online brokerage firm that has been recognized as a reliable partner by the most respected financial market experts. With 3.5 million clients and partners, RoboForex represents the leading software developers of the Forex industry and operates in 169 countries around the world with offices located worldwide from Asia to Europe to North America including Australia & Singapore while serving customers in emerging markets like Brazil or Turkey through its local representatives on-site. 

The company was founded in 2009 which makes it one of the forerunners among many new brokers who have appeared since 2008/9 when retail interest exploded after a major global economic crisis caused investors all over the globe huge losses resulting in them being dissatisfied with traditional banks they used for decades so instead they turned their attention towards alternative investments. 

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Forex4you is a broker that has been providing services in the Forex market since 2007. The company runs its operations under license BVI FSC (license number SIBA/L/12/1027). In 2018, Le Fonti was awarded ‘Best Broker’, which is the highest award achievable. Prior to this it had consistently won or received nominations for awards including “Forex Broker of the Year” and a nomination for Best Service Quality”.  

Share4you is a social trading platform that allows novice traders to trade without any restrictions on scalping and algorithmic trading. In addition, the site offers an opportunity for passive income through its automated sharing system – which makes it possible to earn money by copying other trader’s orders automatically via your account. With Share4you there are nocent accounts with a minimum transaction amount of $2 per order; instead, all trades have just 2 cents in commissions! 

Share4You provides the best conditions for beginner traders as they can simply copy existing successful investors’ portfolios or follow their lead when making decisions using automatic analysis tools provided by this broker. Furthermore, if you wish not only to earn but also protecting yourself from potential loss – then the Social Trading feature will be very helpful. 

Top Five Best Bitcoin Forex Brokers 2021: 

Cryptocurrencies have been gaining steam in the last few years. They are a decentralized, digital currency that makes transactions possible without going through banks or other financial institutions. In this list of trusted brokers, you can find five websites were to trade your cryptocurrencies for fiat money and vice versa at best prices with low spreads on high liquidity markets! 

How much do forex brokers charge?  

Forex broker commissions are $5 per 100,000 traded. The commission is charged on a pro-rata basis with a minimum of $0.01 for trades under or over 100,000; this markup must be chosen at account opening and cannot be changed later if the trader switches to another firm via transfer/portfolio review request (PPR). 

Forex Brokers typically offer 3 different types of markups: fixed spreads that can either include or exclude other costs such as funding fees depending on whether you use ECN execution which includes these additional charges in your spread cost whereas dealing desk execution does not but could potentially increase trading costs due to wider bid-ask spreads thus requiring more lots being executed. 

Why pay a higher price when you can save money on forex brokers? 

Forex Brokers charge either a commission or mark-up fee per trade. However, the spread markup option is usually cheaper than paying commissions. The first 100k of trades are free with no minimums and additional fees apply for trading over that amount but it’s still more affordable than charging $5 every time one makes an order (>100K). 

It should be noted though that there isn’t any regulatory body to monitor this industry so make sure your broker will stick around! Forex brokerage charges depend upon whether traders choose to use them as spreads (i.e., margin) or if they prefer using a standard buying power pricing model for their transactions by choosing between.