Suicide Rates Among Teenagers - How Counseling Can Help 

Berry Mathew

Suicide Rates Among Teenagers – How Counseling Can Help 

Among the teenagers in the United States, suicide rates have been a rising concern over the past few years. The suicide rate, in general, is something has increases steadily in the 21st century – but the teenage rate is particularly concerning. Over the past decade, the rate among young adolescents has increased 70% and is the second leading cause of death for that age group. The pandemic also showed a significant increase of teen suicides as well. These disturbing statistics are only on the rise. With these statistics, we need to ask ourselves what can be done. How can we help our youth today before it gets so bad? Are there resources available to help our teenagers so we can avoid tragedies like this in the future? Counseling can be a great resource for teenagers who are suffering and struggle with communication. Access to specialized resources and treatment plans can mean the difference between life and death for these youth. 

Tools for Emotional Regulation

There are many different ways you can approach the issue of depression and suicidal thoughts with your teenager. Many treatment options that are available for adolescents include tools and strategies to help create emotional self-regulation within oneself. Teen counseling St. George teaches and helps youth learn to utilize resources to help them cope with depression and other mental health-related issues that often have ties with tragic outcome of suicide. Some other important tools for emotional regulation could include developing and identifying positive attributes about themselves and in their lives. Values that teenagers have can help teether them and boost their self-esteem, which can help them cope with the impact of mental health struggles. These values could be in different aspects of their life such as:

  • Their friendships
  • Educational goals
  • Family relationships
  • Personal development goals

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Benefits of a Professional Counselor 

When discussing the need for counseling for your teenager, many people wonder if it will even make a difference. There are different ways of addressing these challenges, but there is one thing for certain – not talking about these issues is sure to only make things worse. Having a trusted person with access to the right emotional tools can lead to success. Different teenagers will have different needs and there is not a one-size-fits-all answer, but counselors will do their best with the knowledge and training that they have. There are many circumstances that teenagers don’t feel like they are safe to open up and be completely vulnerable with someone – plus it can be extremely difficult to do! When creating a safe space for an adolescent to go and confide in someone, they can feel comfortable to open up and work on some of the underlying issues that may be bothering them. 

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Get Them the Help They Need

In some cases with depressed adolescents, many parents wait too long to get the help their child desperately needs. Parents can only do so much with the knowledge and resources that they have. Counselors have years of training and experience under their belt that they can use to assist teenagers with any number of the many struggles that they face on a day-to-day basis. As parents, you try to help them in any way you can but it can get to a point where involving the professionals is going to be your best bet. Don’t wait to call them if you feel your teenager is in need of help that you cannot provide. Try the professionals and help be a part of lowering the statistics for teenage suicide.