Juliet D'cruz

Social Media For Marketing

In the present day, the entire world revolves around the online space. The advancements in technology and the easy accessibility to the internet make the world a smaller place and show us the infinite possibilities that the world has to offer. The world is now online, partly because of technology and development and partly because of the pandemic that forced every service, facility and activity to the online mode. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, two years ago, the entire world came to a standstill since people could not leave their homes. The deadly disease was spreading rapidly and the only way to stay safe was by staying home and avoiding going out to public places. Shops, markets, offices, businesses, national and local places of work, schools, colleges and all other educational institutions were shut down to avoid mass gatherings and the spreading of the life-threatening disease. This is when the world had to shift completely to the online space and start an online journey. 

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The online system for various activities and tasks existed even before the pandemic hit in 2020 but the major switch to the online mode was made when it was almost impossible to leave home and go out for even the simplest of the jobs. New online platforms like apps, websites and software were created and designed to bring the basic everyday activities and the most complex of the tasks as well to the online mode. These platforms became common and even though reluctantly most people switched to the online mode for their benefit. The online space offered a large number of tools to support and promote the services and facilities that were available online. These tools and features also made the online space familiar for the users and ensured that it was not difficult to function online no matter which tasks were being looked at. 

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One of the tools that simplified life in the virtual space and also offered a platform for multiple purposes was social media. Social media is not something new that emerged during the pandemic or was created for offering support during this time. Social media platforms of different types have now existed in the online space for almost two decades and have been popular for a little less than that period. Social media is used by people of all age groups. Different platforms are preferred by different age groups. All these people also use social media for different purposes. Back in the day when social media was first created and launched, the main purpose was to help people connect. With time more content emerged and people could look at the same content at the same time and enjoy it like they were watching the same together in real-time. Social media made the world a very small place and people could connect with anyone and everyone around the globe. The world was now more connected than ever. The number of users of such platforms increased every day and social media gained extreme popularity. 

Social media offers tools for advertising and marketing as well now. These tools are offered not only to businesses but also to individuals. Social media marketing has become common for businesses of all sizes. The tools and features that these platforms offer for marketing are very useful and beneficial. Other than the features and the tools there are so many other benefits of using social media for marketing. Many people have been creating and taking up courses on how to promote your business on social media and make it big using social media for marketing and advertising. 

Different types of social media platforms use different forms of media and different formats and sizes of content. Even for marketing using social media, you can upload a large variety of content formats including pictures, videos, texts and so on. You can choose to pay for advertising on social media or use your posts for the same. You can make strategies for advertising and marketing. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram marketing strategies and so on can be created by the business owners to ensure the best possible sales and results for any brand and business. Social media marketing is one of the easiest and most beneficial forms of digital marketing. 

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