Juliet D'cruz

Scientific ways for students to learn anything faster

We live in an era of ruthless competition and rapid change. Be it in the business world, in jobs, politics or in any other field, it is vital to have the required skill set to remain relevant. It is equally important to be willing to readily adapt ourselves to changing circumstances and newer technology, and also acquiring new knowledge continuously. The field of education is no different in its rapidly changing methodologies. The schools today, are readily adopting newer and more efficient ways of teaching and management such as ERP systems, smart classes and likewise. Moreover, ever since the coronavirus pandemic, when schools and college campuses were shut down, locking millions of students and teachers across the entire nation, out of the classroom, online teaching apps have become a valuable addition to the already evolving education system. 

Students today, also face heavy competition and are expected to fetch good marks, go to good colleges and get a well-paying job. Amidst changing circumstances and heavy competition, it is imperative to gain knowledge in order to separate oneself from the crowd. Most students put in diligent efforts in gaining knowledge, however there are always a few who seem to have an extra-ordinary grasp on concepts being taught in the classroom. You, too can be one of those students, if you care enough to learn about how to learn effectively and faster. Here are a few scientific ways in which any student can learn anything they want, multiple times faster….

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Break the content into smaller chunks-

You must break the content which you wish to learn into smaller modules and then work on mastering each one of them sequentially. What is does is that it declutters and removes any ambiguity which may hinder your progress, and at the same time provide you with a lucid, manageable objective to work towards. Moreover, each time you achieve a mini goal, your brain may release the reward chemical, Dopamine, that elevates mood, enhances motivation and will prepare you for another spurt of productivity. Thus, breaking your study material into smaller, more-digestible chunks is an excellent way of improving your comprehension and speed of learning.

Regular, short learning sessions-

It is a scientifically proven fact that for the same amount of time dedicated in order to learn something, learning over multiple sessions of a short time frame is more effective than learning in a single marathon session. It has to do with how our brain works. You see, when we gain any knowledge, the neurons in our brain undergo a process called rewiring, wherein new connections are formed between the nerve-cells and the signals travel more effectively through their synapses. This process takes time which is why you are better off dividing your learning time in smaller chunks and avoid toiling for long hours at a stretch, not only because it is uncomfortable, but also because it is not as productive. 

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Try out different methods-

Don’t shy away from exploring various methods before arriving at the one which works well for you. For instance, many people say things like, if you are preparing for this exam, you should at least study for these many hours. I’m not saying they are wrong. However, you should never take their word for it. Each individual is different, whether we like it or not. Therefore, what works for them might not work for you and vice-versa. So, you must cultivate the confidence in yourself to settle for nothing less than what works best for you and have the courage to walk away from any method which doesn’t. 

Get help from a mentor-

We all at times, suffer from difficulties in comprehending and learning something effectively. Even the best students, sometimes can get tunnel-visioned or discouraged which might affect their learning outcomes. In such situations, it is best to reach out to a teacher, friend or a family member to gain a fresh perspective on your situation and to get the help needed to change your approach. Having a great mentor, whom you look up to, is always a privilege to have as a student. 

Learning faster can do wonders and improve a student’s learning outcome and academic achievement by leaps and bounds. Virtually, any student who is interested enough in improving themselves, can make use of the tips mentioned in this article, in order to learn anything they want, multiple times faster.