Juliet D'cruz

Romantic Ideas to Make your First Anniversary Special

Ring in your first anniversary with your partner in the cutest ways. In this blog, we have listed certain ideas that would definitely help you up your day and make it even more special. While your anniversary will last for 24 hours only, what will last forever is your bond. So make sure with each passing time, your bongs get stronger.

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  1. Relive your Golden Days

We wish there would have been a time machine in which we would have travelled in the past and relive the moment again. Unfortunately, that next to impossible! However, what we can do is, we can create those moments; in fact, make them more special in order to create another memory. You can revisit your wedding venue or booking a couple suite in order to relive all the bygone moments, and don’t forget to gorge upon the cake or look like your wedding cake.

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  1. How About Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in the bed sounds like a lazy day. That what exactly we mean, fellas! Spend quality time with your special one. Prepare an excellent breakfast or order your favourite breakfast from your favourite restaurants and chill in the bed while discussing about all the moments that you both have spent together. Also, you both can head for a staycation. You can visit an exotic property and spend quality time with each other while enjoying the place’s beautiful ambience. This would also give you a much-needed break from your tiring schedule and what could be the way than this to be or rather to be with him or her.

  1. Relax at Spa 

 After enjoying an amazing breakfast, you both can go to a couple of spa and relax! Take the entire day in your hand. The much-needed spa session would rejuvenate your body and prepare you for the upcoming hectic schedule. Also, you both will get time together to unwind all the tensions. A spa session would no less than bliss as it would calm your nerves and make you feel extra special. Your anniversary is the best time to treat yourself, and what could be better than a spa. While taking services from the site, do not forget to use Zoomin coupons to get a discount.

  1. Go for a Long Drive 

After taking spa together, going for a long drive would perfectly take your day ahead. Otherwise, if you aren’t going for the above-listed options, you can surely take a long drive and drive to the places you used to visit before. Or, simply roam around to enjoy the day. Make sure the drive is not either too neither long nor too small. The idea is that both of you should enjoy it rather than making it strenuous for yourself.

  1. A Coffee Date 

A coffee date might sounds cliché since drinking a coffee together is quite regular, especially when you start living with the person you share everything. But trust us, a coffee date could be a game-changer. It can make you strengthen your chemistry and your bond. Coffee is a stress buster! You can visit your favourite café and enjoy a hot or cold coffee as you like. While sipping a coffee, relive your all moments-how you used to meet before and how your life has completely changed obviously in a good way.table and chair covers Remember the olden days and enjoy your favourite cuppa.

  1. Indulge in a Game

Ahead of the tiring lifestyle that you both lead and responsibilities that you both share in order to meet both ends, take some time put and p[lay a fun game with each other. This will ultimately work as a stress buster! It will bring you both close to each other; as you play the game, you will have a good time with each other. This will also unwind your tensions and make you a thorough player. However, don’t take up on the game that includes competition as it would completely beat the purpose.

  1. Prepare a Special Night 

Who does not like cake, flowers and gifts! Arrange a special night for both of you! Decorate your place with the old images; you can take help from online sites like Zoomin. It has several options and would enhance each of your photographs, making them look real. 

  1. Write a Love Letter 

While it might sounds cliché to you! But it actually works. Penning thoughts for your love mate will let him or her know how much you love them and how much you care for them. Jot down all your ideas that you have ever felt for him or her!


There could be no bigger achievement than spending your life with the one whom you love. A wedding anniversary, the especially first anniversary, would always be special for you. In order to make it more exceptional, you can take a cue from this blog. Happy Anniversary!