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Rakesh Master Wiki: Rakesh Master is one of the famous choreographers in the movie industry. At the age of 10, When he watched Disco Dancer he wanted to become a dancer. But because there were no places to teach him. He used to watch different songs and learnt dance movies just by watching. After that he went to tirupathi and established a small institute for dancing. He thought many students just with the fees of 5Rupees only. After some days he went back to Madras to try a hand in movies but after knowing that there is no value for his talent there. He came back to tirupati and ran the institute again. 

Rakesh Master Biography

He got his first break in the industry with a small moviesflix pro in which Comedian Ali played the lead role. From that slowly he began to work with actors and big actors as well. He has participated in many reality shows like Dhee and other programs as well. Rakesh master is known for his different style of dancing in the industry. He worked with many big actors like Mahesh Babu, Venkatesh, Nagarjuna, Prabhas, and Ram Pothineni as well. But in many interviews he said that he couldn’t earn as much as the rest of choreographers in the industry. He also says that he doesn’t beg for opportunities.

He is very thankful to his friends Venu Paul, Prem Gopi and Girish. He mentioned them in an interview as well, When he was struggling in his initial phases, These people helped him. He also mentioned that actor Tanikala Bharani saw his struggle and said to him that Rakesh master your hair and your style are different. Tell the people in the industry that you are from Mumbai. Then only you will get chances in this industry. Many dance masters and actors in reality shows have shown immense respect to Rakesh master

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