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Prasad Devarakonda Wiki, Age, Address, Phone, Wife, Dog, Caste, Family

Prasad Devarakonda Wiki: Prasad Devearkonda is an Indian social media sensation, He has gained popularity through his youtube channels. Prasad Devarakonda is deemed as one of the popular influencers in India. He is a Telugu tech YouTuber. He says his ultimate goal is to educate telugu people about the latest technology and gadgets.

His youtube channel has almost a 1.5Milliion subscribers. He came to Hyderabad in 2005 to study engineering, When he completed his studies in 2009. He also got married at the end of his academics. His wife and Prasad are college mates, They fell in love and got married at the age of 21. At that time Prasad didn’t had any job. After struggling a lot, He found a marketing job where he has to travel on his bike promoting the company products to customers. Later because of some health issues, he gave up that job and stayed in home for a while.

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Prasad Devarakonda Wiki

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Prasad Devarakonda Biography

He and his wife used to stay in a single room and his parents were also supportive at this time. Responsibilities were to be taken care of, So Prasad started doing another job. Then he thought about making youtube videos on some gadgets. Initially he started doing videos in a small single room. But there weren’t much views and there was no sponsorship as well for the videos. In the mornings he used to go his office and in the nights he used to prepare scripts for his videos and shoot the video in the night itself. He hardly slept 3 hours in a day, In the midst of all these. Youtube stopped the ads in its platform. 

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That lead to many channels to shut down their channels. But Prasad didn’t give up on this, He made sure he made a video daily. Again when Youtube brought back the ads that’s when Prasad started getting popular. He also said that he kept all his maximum earnings for buying latest gadgets for his video. He used to save little for his family. Because of his hardwork and dedication now he is one of the top popular youtubers in India. Because of his popularity many big companies like apple, Samsung and all others are providing their gadgets to him to give a review about it.

Now he stays in a big house and he has got a separate team to shoot his videos and all. This is all the success of the hardwork he has done. From starting with zero to getting 1.5Millioion subscribers is not an easy thing. This shows that hardwork does pay off and with hardwork you will definitely success and Prasad is one of the examples for this hardwork.