Post-Pandemic Safety Tips For Students Going Back To School

Juliet D'cruz

Post-Pandemic Safety Tips For Students Going Back To School

After an extremely challenging environment, and the threat of Covid-19, the world slowly makes its recovery. With the virus under some control due to precautionary measures and vaccine programs, institutions, corporations, and the common people feel safer going about their lives. Educational institutions remain one of the most affected sectors of our economy. Back when the pandemic prevailed, school administrators made online classes compulsory as their precautionary measure to carry out education in the safety of their homes. Although using LMS portal  was not easy, it was made possible with proper guidance and training from institutions. 

Safety: A Priority

Now that offline classes are making a comeback in the educational field (hybrid classes in some cases), the topmost priority of most ERP for schools is maintaining a 0% positivity rate inside the school and university campuses. As easy as it might sound, considering all the school staff members, teachers and students have been following similar guidelines for about two years now, the process does not prove to be that convenient in practical application. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Students are expected to remain disciplined in classes under the strict supervision of educators, maintaining social distancing rules. However, a teacher can’t be present at all times. Especially when they have activity classes, mid-day breaks, and club events. 
  • Sanitisation and social distancing are the two major rules everyone follows. This does not guarantee 100% safety, according to most researchers and health/germ specialists. 
  • Some goals of the ERP for schools might not coincide with their personal goals for the institution to guarantee student progress. 
  • The difference in ideologies and opinions among people regarding the safety precautions taken is a recent observation in the present world. Controversies regarding the spread of the virus are common. In an educational institution, it might be rare to encounter, yet schools can never be too sure about the measures they might need to take in case such a situation of disagreement arises. 

These are the general possible challenges an educational institution might face when students start coming back to school. 

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Important Safety Measures 

Vaccinating Students

This is the foremost priority. Schools should ensure that every student and school staff coming back to school has completed all the necessary vaccination procedures. The certificates of the same must be confirmed by the institution before they can go back to school. 

Vaccinating everyone might not guarantee 100% safety but it does minimize the chances of students getting infected. Apart from this, other physical measures are taken. 

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Enforcing Precautionary Measures

Precautionary Measures for everyone going back to school include a long list of things provided by the institution. From all the necessary ones, here are the commonly followed rules;

  • Sanitization: Students and teachers must sanitize their hands as soon as they enter the school premises. Institutions should arrange for both hand sanitizers and spray-based disinfectants right at the entrance for convenience. 
  • Mask-up: Masks have become the new trend, most people have gladly accepted this and tried to even stylize the trend by using innovative designs for masks. Institutions can have their take on this and try to create a mask pattern that matched their respective school uniforms. Most Institutions go with surgical masks to avoid students from getting distracted in classes by the fancy ones. 
  • Social Distancing: This is the most difficult measure to apply on a school campus since students are bound to get into some type of physical constant with their friends, teachers, and other classroom equipment. Hence social distancing goes hand in hand with regular sanitization of the classrooms too. 

Scheduling regular wellness programs

Besides following the guidelines of the school to remain safe, institutions must also conduct wellness programs often with arranged covid testing stalls for those students and staff who show symptoms. This is an extra measure taken by some schools and universities. They can also try to vaccinate those students and staff members who have not already done so and make arrangements for booster doses for everyone. 

Collect Student Feedback

Often students have proven extremely helpful in suggesting Precautionary Measures for classrooms. Feedback regarding how safe they find the school environment also helps institutions maintain a standard in safety rules.