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Open yourself to a world of unlimited entertainment

Torrent is a heaven of files, music, movies, games, TV series, books, and whatnot. It is something that is very close to the hearts of geeks. Torrent is one of the most popular and best sites to find the latest songs, movies, and even games. Torrent files are just a fail-safe, shared, and relatively faster method of downloading, provided you don’t choose a thousand-year-old movie or some music that nobody listens to or some content that nobody cares about. 

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You can download anything you want from torrents without paying a penny.  These sites operate on demand and because people want entertainment. There is a reason the market for movies and music is worth hundreds of billions of dollars and torrent dodges that market by letting people get content for free. The volume of entertainment media being created is massive, no other content has such high demand. It is just the demand for free movies and music that spurs so much copyright infringement in torrenting. 

Torrents are available as a savior when every service is trying to take advantage of users’ demands by offering premium services. Whether you would like to download an e-book or want to possess premium software, you don’t need to pay anything with torrents. It is a peer-to-peer system designed for transferring large amounts of data from many people to a single person. 

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Benefit from a shared pool of data

A torrent is actually a file that contains information about the actual data and trackers. The actual data can be music, movies, games, and documents. Trackers are a list of people and computers either downloading or uploading that data. 

When you download a movie torrent, the torrent file contains the necessary information which will let you get that movie. In simple words, a torrent is a network that is created when two or more computers are connected to share resources without going through a separate server computer.

It is similar to the card-index file at the library. It tells you where known places are to find the files that you are interested in. The in-built software checks and finds the places. Once found, it shows the places and the files in your torrent reader. The idea is that multiple users combine their bandwidth, speeding up the download process of reducing the cost for individual users. There is no central server with all the files. A lot of people have the files on their computers which they upload onto the server. The torrent users download them in the form of multiple streams which deliver small pieces of the final file, which is then compiled as one whole file. This makes them faster and more reliable than servers and suited for large files that a lot of people want or have. This system also makes torrents harder to take down because the attacker cannot pinpoint a specific server.

Choose your source carefully 

An easy Google search will hardly assist you to find even the simplest of torrent sites. In fact, you can’t spend hours and hours testing dozens of torrent sites, especially when most of them involve a security breach to your device. If you use a torrent site for downloads be sure to scan that the file is good with a proper virus or malware scanner that is well updated. Many trojan websites are never detected by the users as they cause them no immediate or direct harm. They are used for stealing your sensitive data and sometimes for plugging you into “botnets” which are then used to attack third parties for profit.  

Popular and trustworthy torrent sites like thepirateproxybay can handle many connections at once since each person who connects basically performs a few database queries and downloads a few tiny files.  It provides access to sites including ones that have been made unavailable in your country. Pirateproxybay allows people to download a file at a speed higher than that of the original uploader’s server without putting excessive strain on the uploader’s server or its internet connection. It also ensures that the quality of the downloaded file is great and complies with your device. So, if you want to download a file, movie, song, or documentary at high speed bypassing the main server, check out pirateproxybay.


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