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Mogalirekulu Serial Wiki, Cast & Crew & Watch Online

Mogalirekulu Serial cast and crew: Mogali Rekulu is a Telugu drama tv show directed by Manjula Naidu. The stars of this tv show are Sagar, Sheela Singh, Selva raj Arumugam, Ravi varma(tv actor), Likitha kamini, Karuna Bhushan, Sruthi and Mukhtar Khan. The tv show was released on 18 February 2008 in Telugu language from India. It is one the Telugu longest running years highly popular serial in Gemini TV after Chakravakam.  The show ran for Five years and Starred Sagar, Sheela, Likhitha Kamini, Indraneel and Medha in the lead Roles. This is a revenge plot Season 1 focuses on Dharma, the eldest of five orphans, looks after the younger ones, Satya, Daya, Santhi and Keerthana, who also want to avenge their parents death. The story has a lot of twists, drama and touches upon social responsibilities too. Season 2 focuses on their children Mahidhar Naidu/Munna, Devi, Durga, Pallavi,Eshwar and Sindhu.

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The story begins with three young boys Dharma, Satya and Daya and their little sister, Shanti. Four of them are the victims of a family feud where their parents and grandmother are murdered by their step grandmother and uncles. They are joined by their neighbor’s kid Keerthana, who is a victim of a mother’s innocent passion for music. They decide to leave for Hyderabad but the things take twists and turns resulting in the three brothers and Keerthana being in Hyderabad and their sister Santi, after separating from her brothers, living with her uncle and step grandmother.

Hero ACP RK Naidu is a strict, dynamic and responsible IPS officer who marries Shanti after saving her from clutches of her uncle and granny. Dharma meets Selva swamy who indulges in illegal activities which brings the enmity between RK and Selva.

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After knowing that Dharma is Santi’s brother and many misunderstandings RK comes to the conclusion that Dharma being an honest friend and sensitive person is just helping his friend Selva in his activities and starts adoring him. RK successfully puts the culprits of santi’s parents behind the bars as promised to Dharma. A love triangle start confusion among Dharma, Keerthana and Selva results in dire enmity of Selva for Dharma and RK where he plans a bomb blast to kill them and the results being death of Daya and Rk and Santi losing their son Mahidhar Naidu.

The serial is into second generation then having Munna (Mahidhar Naidu), the son of RK Naidu as the hero, who has been orphaned due to the bomb blast who is brought up in a criminal background by a don Sikandar Bhai. Munna falls in love with Devi who is the niece of Selva. Selva feels attached to her as she resembles Selva’s wife Meenakshi. Hence he decides to get her married to his elder son Eshwar. Due to some clashes Munna and Eshwar get into heated arguments and fight. Main story will begin from devi and munna’s love story.

Mogalirekulu Serial Cast:

  1. Sagar
  2. Sheela Singh
  3. Indraneel
  4. Selva raj Arumugam 
  5. Madhusudhan Rao
  6. Likitha kamini & Karuna Bhushan
  7. Sruthi
  8. Mukhtar Khan
  9. Pavan sai
  10. Ravi Krishna
  11. Hari Krishna
  12. Sireesha Damera 
  13. Reshma Rathore & Sonia
  14. Vijay Reddy 
  15. Pavitranath
  16. Likitha kamini
  17. Shiva Vijay Bhargav
  18. Vijaya
  19. Anjali
  20. Radha Krishna 
  21. Sripriya
  22. Nagamani
  23. Sowjanya 
  24. Lahar
  25. Muskaan Chowdhry
  26. Mohan Kumar

Mogalirekulu serial was directed by Manjula Naidu and it is now available on youtube and viewers can also watch online via manatelugumovies.com.