Juliet D'cruz

Merits and Scope of Online Education in India

With recent advancements in the field of education, technology has become an integral part of the teaching sector. Because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the Indian Education System was boosted with technological modifications in due course of time. This happened when education was made available online. Medium being various teacher apps available today which has made online teaching through mobile, feasible. This has only widened the scope of studying and teaching, by making educational resources available and accessible at any point in time. Today, technology is not only used to automate a process, but also to enhance interaction. In a similar lane, our educational system has been modified for good with the introduction of online education. According to recent statistics, it’s been revealed that India is the highest consumer of online education in the world, only after the United States of America. This fact establishes the verity that the new age of education has many merits and a wide scope. 

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Merits of Online Education

This is a common question among many students, parents, and teachers – why should one choose online education over traditional teaching or learning? Though the traditional learning system of a physical classroom has its own perks, the new system is more convenient, accessible and feasible in nature. 

Some of the benefits of online education are :

  1. Online education is far more economic than traditional education.
  2. Online teaching or learning saves more energy, time, and money. 
  3. Vital information and resources can be accessed from anywhere at any point in time. 
  4. Online education is far more feasible to differently able people as compared to physical classrooms. 
  5. The facility of chat rooms and live streaming further gives a sharp edge to online teaching and learning methodology. 

Scope of Online Education in India

Let us now look at the scope of online education in India and understand its growth paradigm. Why the Online education is growing rapidly in India?

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  1. Can be accessed from a Comfortable Setup – 

Being available at the tips of your fingers, online education can be accessed from any comfortable place. This facility allows both teachers and students to save time and further involve in vocational activities, side careers and businesses, spending time with family, etc. This was never the case with traditional classroom setups. 

  1. Economic and Time-Saving –

Being accessible at the comforts of our homes, online education further saves travel expenses and boosts our work efficiency as we no longer become lethargic. Thus, it is an only a one-time investment and covers a lot of our unnoticed expenses. 

  1. Resourceful Accessibility – 

Online education is not limited o school courses only. It is widely available to cover diploma, bachelor’s, master’s, and even doctorate-level courses. Anybody with a good internet connection and a smart device can access and pursue any course they want, from the comforts of their homes. No transportation and no physical presence in a mortal setup needed at all! This only boosts qualification amongst people to go for their dream jobs. 

  1. E-learning is Green Learning 

Because of the no transportation option, online learning is not only efficient when it comes to expenses, but also when it comes to the environment. Less transportation would be low Carbon Dioxide emission, leading to decreased global warming in a nutshell. Switching to online learning is actually a big example of practicing what we are preaching through our textbooks. 

Various E-Tech companies are now amalgamating animation and gaming into education to make the process of learning as well as teaching less monotonous as compared to traditional classrooms. This further expands retention and enhances the attention of both students and teachers. 

Online Education is a big player when it comes to the process of digitalizing India in this technologically advanced age. While traditional learning is practiced for a long time, it has also only been advanced at various stages. Online education is also education, just a more efficient and smart way of doing it. Change is a universal truth, and it is only beneficial for one and all to adapt ourselves with time. 

Stay tuned for more blogs related to online education and teaching in general. Till then, Happy Teaching!