Major Things Small Businesses Must Know About WI-FI

Charlotte Miller

Major Things Small Businesses Must Know About WI-FI

For most small and medium-sized businesses, having a wireless network i.e., a WIFI connection has become extremely important. Running cables across the office is not just time-consuming but even highly expensive. A wireless network is highly cost-effective and even less cumbersome to set up. For small enterprises, the wireless network provides many benefits. The most prominent ones include – 

       Simple to set up & access

       Scaling is faster and easier

       Flexibility for employees

However, despite knowing the benefits, searching for the right internet service provider in Gurgaon for your Gurgaon-based business or internet service provider in Noida for your Noida-based business is not an easy task.

Read on to know some of the tips that can assist you to build the correct network for your business requirements – 

Plan your network for business growth

One of the popular mistakes that businesses make is failing to understand the importance of the access point. This is very common that network load is not factored in when deciding the number of access points needed. You might think this in terms of the number of users, but users hardly use a single electronic device. Each user generally has various electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Moreover, other electronic devices that must be factored in are printers, security cameras, video conferencing, etc. Factoring in all the possible devices prevents network congestion and prepares you for an additional network load that may come up your way on new hires for business growth.  

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Back up dual internet access

Without a high-speed internet connection, your entire office probably may come to a standstill. You require a high-speed internet connection to connect with your customers, use web instruments, research, read blogs, upload in the cloud your business data and much more. Here’s where you must zero on dual internet access so that if one internet connection fails that another may activate to keep your business work going. 

Select the correct hardware

The most crucial parameter contributing to a reliable WIFI connection is the hardware. It is necessary to understand there’s a restricted spectrum available that is shared amongst different devices and is impacted by external interference like neighbours’ wireless networks. Selecting the correct hardware thus must be on the top of your list as it allows to meet the negative impact of external factors that are out of your control.

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Select the correct cable

A pragmatic underlying wired network may go a long way to ensure a swift and fast wireless connection. Note that your network cables are highly responsible for providing adequate bandwidth to your access point without which the WIFI connection would be sluggish. Thus, using the current cable standards like CAT6 for LAN wiring may be a prudent investment. 

Opting for this permits you to connect specific devices like IP cameras, printers, etc. to wired networks thus freeing the spectrum from wireless-dependent devices like mobile and laptop devices. 

Number of routers

Routers also addressed as access points or APs are a crucial parameter for any business WIFI solution. The correct number of access points is necessary because it ensures that you hold good and reliable coverage across premises. 


Coverage is the next crucial parameter when factoring in the WIFI solution. Ask yourself how much of your business premises must be covered. Do you also want to cover the entire office or just the portion where your staff is working? Do you have larger offices or outbuildings that might need multiple APs?

Guest network

Few businesses might need a guest network, along with their staff network. In such cases, you might require more broadband connections or also leased line connections to keep up with the high demand of the guest network. 

As mentioned above, opt for the best WIFI providers in your city. For instance, if your business is Noida based, opt for the best internet service provider in Noida offering the above services. In case your business is based in any other city, zero on the best internet service provider of that city.