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Lokulu Kakulu Aunty Biography, Wiki, Real Story, Age, Family

Lokulu Kakulu Aunty Biography: If you are following social media regularly, Then you must have definitely a woman who talks about the movie reviews, and how freely and boldly she talks on the screen. Yes its Lokulu kakulu Aunty. A video of her went viral on social media and she became quite famous on the social media. Her real name is Jyothi and she loves watching movies. Mostly you can see her in theatres on the first day of the movie.

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Lokulu Kakulu Aunty Wiki

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Lokulu Kakulu Aunty Biography

But behind all this, There is a tragic incident which has changed her life completely. Jyothi had a son who used to study Intermediate. He was her world and he loved her son very much. One day he met with an bike accident and died. From that day on, She is in a bit of shock. Every time she meets a young person, She says wear a helmet and drive the vehicle carefully. She doesn’t want other mothers to suffer like her. This is really bad that people are making fun of her by posting memes, and silly videos on the social media. 

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She loves watching movies and she also said that she got a call from Puri Jagannadh as well. She said that KTR has also called her and asked her about her health and all. She wants to talk with CM of Telangana KCR and she wants to tell him regarding the situations in Telangana. 

After her son’s death, She is in quite a shock and many people see her as a mad lady. But its not true, Every body have their own problems and the reactions will be definitely different based on the complexity of the emotions. So if you see her outside again, Nobody knows where she lives. But you can see her in theatres definitely. So don’t make fun of her. 

So this is all about Jyothi, Famously known as Lokulu Kakulu Aunty and her details.