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JPG to Word Conversion through OCR Technology – Convert Efficiently

 If you have taken a picture of a document or have scanned hard paper that you want to modify in MS word format, you should get familiar with the best JPG to Word converter tools. In the past, converting images to editable word files was considered difficult because of the time, expense, and effort consumed in the manual conversion of JPG to Word. Writing down each word from an image to ms file is not an easy job, especially if you don’t have much experience in writing. 

In these modern times, we can see efficient solutions to almost every problem powered by the web. In this post, we will tell you about the most reliable and efficient technology that can help you digitally convert jpg to word online.

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Optical Character Recognition – OCR Technology

The optical character recognition technique, also known as the OCR technology, is one of the most advanced and intelligent systems that can help you transform images into editable word files or text format. Today you can find various OCR tools and software programs available on the web that can help you extract all kinds of text from an image. The OCR tools can accept multiple image formats, scanned docs, and screenshots as input. 

Today experts recommend that one only use the jpg to word or OCR-powered tools to convert images of jpg to word online and efficiently. This is because the digital conversion technique is accurate, reliable, quick, and secure. 

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Six efficient OCR tools to transform JPG to Word Online!

Out of dozens of free and paid OCR-powered converter tools, we have listed the most efficient and friendly ones. 

  1. JPG to Word – Duplichecker

Duplichecker doesn’t only help you find and kill plagiarism; rather, it is home to hundreds of other efficient tools. One of the leading converter tools on Duplichecker is the jpg to word converter. This image to Word converter can be used free of cost. You don’t have to worry about learning anything to use this tool because of its friendly interface. You can use this tool on your browser on any device you want. 

Just enter the jpg images in the tool and click on the ‘convert to Docx’ button. You would get the new word file in seconds. The results generated by this tool are quite accurate, and this is because of AI and OCR technology.

  1. Online OCR 

This is a very professional utility that you would find on Google. The onlineocr.net is one of the most powerful image converter tools that can help you change jpg to word and other editable formats. This OCR tool is free to use, but you must know that you cannot convert more than fifteen images in an hour with this resource. The OCR online tool works in more than forty different languages, which adds to its global reach. 

This website can accept JPG, PNG, BIT, and Zip files as input, and it can easily convert these formats to Word, Excel, and even RTF.

  1. Adobe Acrobat – Image Converter 

Adobe isn’t just a platform that is used for reading and opening PDF files. You must know that adobe acrobat is powered by modern OCR technology, which makes it capable of converting images to text. The OCR feature of this tool helps you convert PDF files, scanned docs, and images to editable formats. This tool is very easy to use, and even a person working with Adobe for the first time can convert jpg files to words.

  1. Nanonets

This is a very famous web service that can help you change images to editable formats. You can convert not only images but also PDF files with this website tool. It uses AI and OCR techniques to make conversions which is why the results are quite authentic. This service can help you convert up to 100 jpg images to word in one go.  Conversion of jpg to ms word is much easier and safer with Nanonets.

  1. Easy Screen OCR

This is also an easy-to-use tool that can help you turn images into editable text. You can enter images directly into the tool or take screenshots of the image files to make the extraction more efficient. You can convert as many files from jpg to word without any registrations and signups with this tool. The best thing about the easy screen OCR converter is that it deletes your input files in less than thirty minutes. This makes the conversion process very secure.

  1. Fine Scanner

The fine scanner is another converter powered by OCR. This scanner can analyze all kinds of input data and change it into a searchable and editable format. If you want to convert jpg to word, you must enter the jpg file in the tool and select the Docx format from the list. Your image would be converted to editable words in less than seconds. The file scanner works best on iOS devices!

These are some of the most efficient resources that can help you convert jpg to word!