Involved in an accident in Southern California? Be proactive!

Berry Mathew


Involved in an accident in Southern California? Be proactive!

When you are injured in a car crash in Palmdale or have a medical malpractice claim in Bakersfield, you need to take a few essential steps to improve your scope to seek compensation. Being proactive is critical in such circumstances, or you wouldn’t have the evidence you need. You also need legal advice, not from someone who has filed an injury claim but from an attorney specializing in personal injury law in California. What does it take to be proactive? We have a few pointers below for your help.

  1. See a doctor. If you are severely injured, call emergency responders to the scene. If that isn’t the case, you need to check with a doctor anyway. Failure to seek medical care could go against you, and the insurance company may claim that you were never hurt. Ensure you keep a file with all the details, right from the bills you paid to your doctor’s notes and treatments suggested.
  2. Document the scene, if possible. If you are at the location and are capable of using your phone, make use of the time and take videos and pictures. Whether you are injured in a slip & fall accident or a construction site mishap, you need all information that can support your claim. Take photos of the surroundings too.
  3. Inform the insurance company but be careful. The insurance company will want you to settle the claim. The adjuster will ask you to sign a release, and if you do, they get access to all your medical records. Don’t assume that the insurance offer is the best you can get – It is usually on the lower side.
  4. Contact an injury lawyer. Most law firms will review accident claims without a fee, and even when the lawyer agrees to take the case, they wouldn’t demand an hourly rate. You only pay them from the compensation you get. In other words, getting legal advice and having a legal team doesn’t have to cost much. Your lawyer will also take care of the communication process with the insurance company.
  5. Keep things private. If you are someone who likes to post everything on social media, stop that for now. Your injury claim is under process, and you don’t want to do something that could go against you. Except for your lawyer, no one needs to get an update until you win.

A few steps can help avoid the common mistakes that can cost your claim. Let your attorney guide you further.