Injuries That A Worker Can Sustain At Work.

Juliet D'cruz


Injuries That A Worker Can Sustain At Work. 

Getting injured in a workplace is familiar with unskilled and inexperienced workers. However, getting injured in an office or a safe workplace is infrequent, and accidents result in minor injuries. 

A worker working at a steel factory or a chemical factory gets exposed to several heavy machines and harmful chemicals. They have guidelines and preventive measures that they follow, but machines cannot be trusted, and preventive measures are not 100% effective. Therefore, when it comes to accidents at the workplace, a worker can hire an Iowa personal injury attorney to help them file a workers compensation claim to get their compensation for the sustained injuries at a workplace. 

Injuries sustained by workers at work. 

Different workplaces have different possible injuries a worker can sustain. For example, a worker working in a coal mine may get exposed to minute particles, invade their lungs, and lead to silicosis. Some of the common injuries have been mentioned below.

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  • Burns or exposure to chemicals: 

Workers working with the generator, machinery, electrical wiring, or any equipment that requires harmful materials during manufacturing puts the worker at a considerable risk of getting exposed to the toxic substances. The chemicals present in the factories may lead to severe burns, skin irritation, or respiratory issues. Accidents that involve the use of chemicals can cause industrial disease, which includes asthma, deafness, blindness, etc. 

  • Musculoskeletal pain:

Many factories demand a high level of strength and stamina. Workers often need to remain on their feet and lift heavy objects for a more extended period. When workers overexert themselves, they put themselves at a high risk of muscle or bone pain. The workers may sustain injury to the vertebral column and damage their spine, leading to paralysis. 

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  • Traumatic brain injury:

Falling of the objects is either due to the worker’s negligence or instability in lifting heavy loads. When a heavy object falls on the worker, they might suffer from traumatic brain injury or broken bones, which puts them at a high risk of chronic complications. An object falling on a worker from a platform at a height may lead to the worker’s death. 

  • Slip and falls injuries:

Employers are responsible for keeping the floor clean and dry to prevent the worker from slip and fall injuries. This is very important in some factories where the workers have to move quickly. The oil used for the machines gets spilled on the floor, the workers working near that area are at high risk of getting injured. Depending upon the severity of the injury, someone may sustain spinal injuries, sprains, paralysis, or fractures.